NEW ColourPop Highlighter Trios! 

Colourpop Cosmetics always has a card up their sleeve and with the trifecta of tie dye HIGHLIGHTER with cute packaging, well you can guess how giddy I am right now. 

This post is going to be picture heavy but no comparisons yet, I’ll work on them next. 

The trios seem to be catered to different skin tone families: pale, medium and dark, with each having a bright shade, a medium muted shade and a pink or lavender toned shade. 

The packaging is a rectangular trio cardboard with an ombré of pastel tones. 

Lighter skin tones: WAFFLE TRIO 

FLEXITARIAN is the brightest shade I own in highlighters period. It’s a very light white gold (not to be confused with silver: this is a warm toned gold). 

GLAZED has a marbled finish with some yellow and bronze specks 

SCRUMPTIOUS is a very light pink


Now: multiple versions of this swatch on different lighting: 

The CANNOLI set is a medium toned oriented trio composed of WISP, WHIPPED and FROSTED 

WISP was the first highlighter in súper shock formula ever introduced to the brand and I’m loving it being repurposed on a trio since my own is old already and hitting pan. 

WHIPPED is a tie dye with lavender marbled in 

FROSTED is a slightly muted gold with warmer tones 

Top to bottom: WHIPPED, WISP and FROSTED

More pictures of these swatches in multiple angles and dif lighting 

The SHORTCAKE trio is meant for a darker skin tone babe, where the bronzey and  coppery tones rule but not compromising the highlight aspect 

CANDYMAN is a bronze highlighter, it’s very bright for a bronzer shade but with a light hand can be used as a shimmery bronzer. 

ICED has the bronze gold base but with pink and lavender marbled in 

SOFT SERVE is a much darker bronze, very warm toned and less bright 

More pictures of the above 

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