Well guys… fasten your safety belts and prepare to be dazzled. I’ve been holding out on ya’ll for awhile now but I’m finally ready to give up the goods… today we’ve going to take a full tour of LOVE LUXE BEAUTY! From highlighters to drenched powders to dramatizer drops and Mermaid scales… we’re doing it all! And if at the end of this post you decide to place an order, feel free to use our affiliate code: COLOURPOPCULT to save 10% off of your order. When you use this code, you save money and we earn a commission on that sale. The money that we earn gets invested into the blog. Camera, lens, equipment, blah, blah, etc, blah. Check out our affiliate links and codes post if you’re interested in learning more about this topic. Moving on! Where to begin?!

Okay let’s start with the ‘WHIPPED MERMAID SCALES’ ($10 EACH), always a crowd pleaser!

After seeing pics of these crazy things I was dying see what they were all about. I’ve never tried a product like this before but I’m going to do my best to describe them for you! They’re designed to be highlighters but I’ve used them on my eyes too. But as with any glitter you should proceed with caution when applying them around the eyes. The formula has a not quite sticky feel to it, more like tacky. The instructions on their website suggest setting them with a powder (either another highlighter or just a setting powder).

I was just playing around and I put on a teeny bit of DARING and then set it with the pink from the KVD palette and… HOLY SHIT!! I couldn’t stop staring at my cheekbone. The powder highlighter tones down the glitter but the tackiness of the MERMAID SCALE makes that highlight pop like nothing I’ve ever seen before! 

These are not made for the meek of heart. But let’s keep it real here girls… most of us are a little extra. At least some of the time. I tried to vary my application for the macro shots so you could see the difference between a light and heavy application. I did VALIANT and ZEALOUS pretty heavy.

And the other three more lightly.

 But tbh all the swatches are more heavy than what you’d typically apply to your face. 
I was skeptical at first but after layering them under a powder highlighter, I’m IN LOVE! Again these aren’t a ‘daytime appropriate’ product but if you’re like me and DGAF then I highly recommend getting one of them to try.

Next up are her powder highlighters!

 I’ve got 10 different shades in my LOVE LUXE powder highlighter collection. Eight of them are solid colors and two are marbled. The solid colored highlighters are sold in pan form. There’s two different size options: 37mm- $9 and 44mm- $12.

BARBIE DAZZLE is a deep rose color with gold shimmer. It’s very similar to MAC ROSE pigment and it would be a nice blush shade for lighter skin tones. BARBIE DAZZLE is not vegan, but most of her products are. NEXT LEVEL is pink/lavender duochrome. IMAGINARY is a pale peachy pink (love!). ENCHANTED has a white base with yellow gold reflects.

At some point. I think I might do swatches of the MERMAID SCALES topped with a powder highlighter in a coordinating color. For instance ENCHANTED is very similar in color to her ‘INTENSE’ MERMAID SCALE. Setting the MERMAID SCALES with a powder highlighter alters the look a bit so I thought it would make for interesting post.

ETHEREAL GREIGE is pearly taupe with just a hint of lavender. DAYBREAK is violet blue duochrome. 

MERMAID WATER is an iridescent minty green duochrome. FANTASY is a metallic pearl. Looks like we’ve got some more ALCHEMY palette dupes!

These highlighters have a very soft texture. On the website they recommend applying them with a sponge or fingertips. I use them with a brush and it’s fine, you just want to be careful not to use a ton of pressure. They’re all really pigmented and the colors are beautiful. Just make sure you’re not too aggressive with your brush and you’ll be fine! 

I really don’t know how these indies come up with this stuff… These next two are such cool highlighters and WHAT MERMAIDS ARE MADE OF in particular is really well thought out concept.

It’s a mixture of all the ‘mermaidy’ colors… blue, green, lavender, teal etc. And then there’s stamped ‘scale’ pattern.

 Blended out on the skin, it’s an iridescent greenish gold with hints of blue and lavender. Very cute!

WHAT UNICORNS ARE MADE OF is primarily yellow, pink and teal but it also has splatters of purple and blue. 

All mixed together, it’s a lavender shade. It does have a slightly deeper base (compared to all of the white based highlighters that we’ve been seeing so much of) which makes it more universally flattering. Fair complexions can rock it with a light hand and medium and darker skin tones can wear it without looking washed out or ashy.

Both are available in 3 sizes: 37mm- $12, 44mm- $15 and a giant 59mm option that comes housed in a gorgeous Mermaid or Unicorn compact for $25.


I sometimes wonder if I’ll still rock glitter makeup when I’m 80. I really think that I will. I can’t see myself ever giving it up. And I also firmly believe that glitter is appropriate for any occasion or situation.  These are two of LOVE LUXE’S glitter pigments.

 I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called, I’m just calling them that because they’re more glittery than a pigment and more finely milled than a typical glitter. 

They come in large jars with shifters. I’m not positive about the product amounts but the jars are the same size as Mac pigments and glitters.

 ICE GOLD has a combination of small and larger particles and is a mixture of blue and gold. They combine to give it an almost teal appearance. It also has a bit of a pinky purple duochrome shift. 

LEGIT MERMAID is a very fine glitter (similar to the MAC REFLECTS line). It’s a crystal pigment with flecks of pink, purple, blue, green and gold. On my skin it’s an iridescent barbie pink. Both of these colors would look amazing as lid toppers. They’ll look completely different depending on what colors you pair them with.


These are the Love Luxe liquid illuminators. The top two are actually called SPARKLE DROPS aka they’re glittery. Both variations come in the standard dropper bottle and have .5oz of product. The SPARKLE DROPS are $23 and the DRAMATIZER DROPS are $20.

Disco Unicorn 

Legit Mermaid 

The SPARKLE DROPS are going to be for going out or for edgy ‘editorial’ style makeup up looks. Or for lunch on a Tuesday if it suits you. Do you, boo-boo! 


Pretty B!tch 

Over The Top

The DRAMATIZER DROPS are your more traditional liquid highlighters. Well CLIMAX is. The other two have that duochrome edge to them. 

I’ve only used PRETTY BITCH so far so I can’t accurately review each individual shade but based on the swatches I did, the formula seems consistent across the line. I believe that these are oil based (I think grape seed oil but I’m not 100%). I find they work best when mixed with another fluid or cream (lotion, primer, foundation etc) or when applied directly to the skin in very small quantities.

I’m pretty sure that I saw COVERFX has some duochrome drops now. I only have a few of the colors that they came out with originally so I can’t say for sure but I’d imagine that LOVE LUXE has some comparable shades for half the price. 

You know that I had to save the best for last!! These gorgeous works of art are super pigmented foiled highlighters/eyeshadows. These swatches are one teeny swipe! Now you’ll notice that I said swipe, I generally ‘pat’ my swatches (side bar- my next post is going to be an in depth explanation of how I do my swatches) but with this formulation you’re going to get the best application with your fingers. Which I know is a deal breaker for some. I tried to swatch them with a brush and it was possible but I was picking up too much product. I find that I get the best application by just barely tapping my ring finger on the pan and then on my eyelids, cheekbone, arm etc. A little tiny bit goes a very long way! Okay so let’s talk about these colors…

YOU’RE GOLDEN is like liquid molten gold. It’s incredible. If you’re a gold girl, you absolutely NEED this color!

DA QUEEN is a violet/gold duochrome. It reminds me of INGLOT 22 PIGMENT.

COVER ME IN DIAMONDS is a peachy champagne. It isn’t as finely milled as the others but if you’re carefully to only use a small amount, it applies smoothly and evenly. 

ICING ON THE CAKE has an ivory base with strong blue violet reflects.

MADE YOU BLUSH is a medium rose and gold duochrome.

PRETTY MUCH A SUNSET is the world’s brightest coral with gold shimmer.

All six are absolutely gorgeous and a bargain at $12. These are large 37mm pans and they’re so pigmented that they’ll last you forever. 

Phew! Okay so that was a lot of information! Out of all these products, I most highly recommend the DRENCHED POWDERS. I also think that the MERMAID SCALES are a very unique product that’s worth trying. My favorite liquid illuminator is PRETTY B!TCH and my favorite highlighters are MERMAID WATER and IMAGINARY. 

LOVE LUXE is not only a super fun, girly brand but it’s also an innovative brand. I hope that you guys give them a try and we’d appreciate it if you used our affiliate code: COLOURPOPCULT to save money when you do!!

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