Look what arrived today!! It’s the new FOILED COLLECTION from Makeup Geek! Since I just received them today, this is going to be a swatches and ‘first impressions’ type post.


***Update- we now have an affiliate code with MUG. The code is BEAUTYCULT and it will save you 10% off all regular and sale priced products***

There’s 10 shades and they retail for $15 each. Or you can get the set of 10 for $110 ($95 for a limited time only). The following description was taken directly from the Makeup Geek website:

FOILED Lip Gloss is the perfect mash-up of highly reflective, metallic shine, and the newest gloss technology, making it far more long-lasting – up to 6 hours per application. The luxurious, color-rich lip cream is extremely comfortable to wear and offers the mirror-like metallic look of our FOILED Makeup Collection. To ensure limitless options, we’ve formulated FOILED Lip Gloss with a completely customizable finish. Apply a single swipe for a beautifully translucent pop of color with a brilliant reflective shine. Or apply multiple layers for rich, opulently opaque color, with a dazzlingly metallic finish.

So first impressions… the packaging is gorgeous. MUG has really been stepping up their game in that department.

The applicator is the same as the liquid lipsticks, wide on one side…

Thin on the other.

Let me start off by saying, these aren’t the kind of lip glosses you can put on without a mirror. Unless you’re a lot more talented than I am, I suppose. What I’m trying to say is that they’re super pigmented. And they don’t have a discernable scent or taste that I can notice.

Here’s some swatches in sunlight, so you can see the shimmer.

BACKSTAGE is a deep purple with blue reflects. ACOUSTIC is an ox blood red. DRUMROLL is a mid-toned purple with pink reflects. GROUPIE is a bright fuchsia with purple reflects. REPLAY is a bright pinky coral.

And in the shade…

VINYL is purplish taupe with silver reflects. HEADLINER is a rich copper. MIXTAPE is a rosy plum. SET LIST is a medium rose with light pink reflects.  VIP is a light peachy pink.

I don’t find the formula to be especially sticky, my hair doesn’t stick to it or anything. I haven’t tested them for longevity yet because I’ve switching colors every hour or two. I don’t think that they’d last 6 hours like they suggested but I’d estimate that you could easily get a solid 3- 4 hours of wear.

My favorite colors are definitely VIP, SET LIST and MIXTAPE. And if I was feeling daring, I’d go with HEADLINER, DRUMROLL or ACOUSTIC.

I’m not a huge wearer of lip gloss but I can already tell you that I’m going to get a ton of use out of those last three. I’ll update you guys on my thoughts after I continue playing with them for a few more days. But so far I’m in love with the neutral shades.

I’ll post my review on the pigments tomorrow but if you’re interested in the glosses, I’d take advantage of the bundle deal while it’s still going on. $95 for 10 lip glosses of this quality and with this level of pigmentation isn’t a bad deal!

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