Love Luxe Beauty Drenched Powders – swatched and discount code

The following is a press sample and the discount code COLOURPOPCULT is an affiliate code.


When I opened this package I was flabbergastedddddd! let me add extra Ds cause it was just overwhelming. I showed some videos on these on IG stories and discussed briefly on them but once you try these for yourself youll know what I mean. No amount of swatches can do these justice.

Love Luxe Beauty thought these drenched powders initially for editorial looks, they can be used on the face or lids even on the lips. They are best applied with the fingers and don’t need water to be foiled.

I swatched these ombre so I could post a bigger swatch of each on a smaller sized picture – as a way of condensing the swatches. Note these are finger swatches (one swipe of pigment each) 

ICING ON THE CAKE: this is a silver with a teal and periwinkle duochrome shift.

COVER ME IN DIAMONDS: Is a peach champagne gold – VERY METALLIC! no glitter.

The two above swatched: (left is ICING right is COVER ME IN DIAMONDS) 

MADE YOU BLUSH: is a pink with a gold duochrome

PRETTY MUCH A SUNSET: a bright red with gold duochrome shift

These two above swatched

YOU’RE GOLDEN: a bright gold

DA QUEEN: this is a SICK SICK metallic purple with a gold duochrome.

The two above:

More zoomed in pictures and angles of these gorgeousness!!!  these are available now at Love Luxe Beauty  and you can save 10% with affil code COLOURPOPCULT.

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