A few months ago ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS and MARIO DEDIVANOVIC released the ‘MASTER PALETTE’. It was limited edition and sold out pretty quickly so I figured that it was time to find some dupes! And honestly it really wasn’t difficult. These aren’t especially unique colors. What made this palette special, IMO, was the quality. For the sake of time I only swatched one dupe for each shade but I’ll name other possibilities when applicable.

  • HOLLYWOOD vs MUG RAPUNZEL ($6)- these two have similar satiny finishes but HOLLYWOOD is more yellow
  • NYC vs MUG BROWN SUGAR ($6)- both are deep, shimmery red browns. NYC is a little darker. MAC TWINKS and ABH TRUFFLE are also similar 

  • KIM vs MUG POCKET CHANGE ($6)- both are light coppery browns. KIM is a little more orange. ABH RUM CAKE and HOT & COLD are also similar 
  • MUSE vs ABH COMFORT ($12)- both are coppery browns with red undertones. MUSE is more red than COMFORT. Other possible dupes are MUG GODDESS, ABH COGNAC and NATASHA DENONA OXIDE

  • MARINA vs DEVINAH ORACLE ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- both are pale peachy golds. ORACLE is warmer and slightly more coppery. ABH AMBER and GLISTEN are both similar 
  • CLAUDIA vs MUG GALAXY ($6)- both are deep gunmetal blues. CLAUDIA is slightly darker


  • LULA vs MUG BANDWAGON ($6)- both are medium taupes. LULA is slightly darker and a little more pigmented. ABH WARM TAUPE is also similar 
  • ISABEL vs ABH BURNT ORANGE MATTE ($12)- both are light warm browns with orange undertones. ISABEL is slightly darker 

  • VIOLETA vs MUG CABIN FEVER ($6)- both are deep warm browns. VIOLETA is a shade or two darker. ABH FUDGE is another possible dupe.
  • 5th AVE vs MUG MAGIC ACT ($10)- both are light peachy golds. MAGIC ACT is a teeny bit lighter. ABH PEACH SORBET and LOOXI GEORGIA ON MY MIND are also similar 

  • BRONX vs MUG TAKE TWO ($10)- both are olive greens. BRONX is slightly darker. DEVINAH UTOPIAN is also similar. 
  • PARIS vs MUG PRETENTIOUS ($6)- both are antique bronze shades. PRETENTIOUS is a little lighter. ABH CHIFFON is also similar 

And there you have it! All 12 shades! I think it’s interesting that there’s a dupe or near dupe for every shade in this palette from the ABH permanent collection. I still like the MASTER PALETTE very much because all of the colors are beautiful and wearable and the quality is excellent. But don’t feel bad if you missed out because you most likely already own similar shades.

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