Recently COLOURPOP released 5 pressed shadow duos for Valentine’s day. They sold out pretty quickly (I think 1 or 2 of them might still be in stock) but tomorrow they’ll be restocked and sold individually.

Since they’re going to be sold separately now, I’m not going to focus on the packaging and instead just give you my thoughts on the actually product. I ordered about 10 of their powder eyeshadows with the first release and liked them very much. So when I saw the teasers for the Valentine’s collection, I knew that I needed to add to my collection. 

There’s different finishes in this collection: matte (5), metallic (3) and matte with glitter (2). All of the colors are gorgeous and besides a few minor issues, they perform great as well.

PINKY PROMISE is a deep metallic burgundy. 

GOING STEADY is a deep matte plum.

143 is a deep orchid matte. It’s similar to MUG FASHION ADDICT but several shades darker and a little more purple.

FLOWER BOY is a light coral matte. It’s similar to MAKING MOVES (pre-existing CP shade) but several shades lighter. It’s also similar to SUGARPILL SUBURBIA.

SAY I DO is pale pink matte with very subtle mauve undertones.

TWO MUCH is a deep plum matte with glitter. It reminds me of ABH RICH VELVET. In general I’m not a fan of the matte with glitter formula. The glitter usually ends up on my cheeks instead of my eyelids. The glitter in this particular shade didn’t adhere well but I’m willing to overlook that because it’s such a beautiful color.

DOUBLE DATE is a metallic lavender, similar to ABH MACAROON.

PRETTY CRUEL is the second matte with glitter and once again the glitter doesn’t really stick. It’s medium rosey brown that reminds me of MUG COUNTRY GIRL 

DREAMBOAT is medium mauvey taupe, similar to ABH BIRKIN but a little darker.

BOUQUET TOSS is a light peachy pink with a metallic finish. It’s a dupe for MUG IN THE SPOTLIGHT.
Overall I’m a big fan of this collection. The matte shadows are on the powdery side with a good bit of kick up but they have nice color pay off and they apply smoothly. The darker plum shades are a teeny bit patchy but I’m going to at least partially attribute that to my dry skin this week. I love that they’re coming up with colors that we haven’t seen a million times before and I think that they’ve got a good formula for an affordable price. They’ve got my seal of approval and I’ll buy more in the future.

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