The items I’ll be showing you today were press samples and the discount code mentioned is affiliate based.

This Friday February 17 at 11am CST, LOOXI BEAUTY is releasing her first eyeshadow palette along with an all new collection of metallic eyeshadows! You can use our affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT10 to save 10% sitewide at LOOXI BEAUTY. 

  The collection was inspired by the spirit and the music of the 60’s and 70’s. The eyeshadows will be restocked but this time around she also designed a limited edition magnetic palette to go along with the collection. It’s a 12 well, mirrored palette with the FREELOVE logo on the front and information about the collection on the back.

She only had a very limited quantity made, so LOOXI collectors will want to be sure to order right away because they’re going to sell out quickly.

The shadows will be $5 each, so $60 for the bundle of all 12 shades. And if you’d like the palette as well, it will be $70. But! On the 17th only, the eyeshadow bundle will be reduced to $50 and the bundle plus the palette will be $60. And you can still use our discount code (BEAUTYCULT10) to save 10% on top of that!! So the bundle will be $45 and the palette $54. All the more reason to set your alarms on the 17th (11am CST)!

Okay let’s get down to business!!! These six are the more warm toned colors.

FAR OUT is a medium copper toned gold. It reminds me of a sunset. I’d compare it to MAC AMBER LIGHTS.

TINY DANCER is a lighter gold with peach shimmer.

PIECE OF MY HEART is medium burgundy with strong rusty undertones (love this one!).

PENNY LANE is a rich rose gold with hints of copper and taupe.

FLOWER CHILD is a duochrome. It’s a pale pink with a greenish gold shift. The duochrome was being camera shy for some reason but I assure you, it’s beautiful in person.

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ is the palest peachy copper.

And the cooler tones…

HASHBURY is a deep charcoal, perfect for smoky eyes 

WOODSTOCK is a sky blue that shifts to a periwinkle. It also has a pinky lavender overlay.

PURPLE HAZE is a highly reflective, medium purple with a subtle silvery overlay.

FOXY LADY is a smoky grayish lavender with an antique gold shift. It reminds me a lot of INGLOT 35 PIGMENT.

IMAGINE is in between a pale gold and a celery green.

DREAM ON is a pale aqua blue.

And here’s the full collection! Something that really sets LOOXI apart, in my mind, is how her brand is constantly evolving and improving. Every time she releases a new collection, it’s better than the previous one. Either she’s come up with new, more interesting colors or she finds a way to improve upon her formula. This a rare quality because most brands tend to backslide or have the occasional ‘miss’ but somehow LOOXI gets better and better every time. She’s also always ahead of the game when it comes to trends. Let’s not forget, she had a whole line of duochrome highlighters years before Moonchild and Alchemist. 

Okay so from that little intro, I guess you’ve figured out how I feel about the formula. About a year ago she released a really nice metallic collection that I enjoyed very much. But this collection? It blows last year’s out of the water. Not only are the colors more vibrant and unique but the formula is incredible. It has the opacity and feel of a cream shadow but it applies and blends with the ease of a powder. And they’re long lasting and didn’t crease on my eyelids. The performance of the formula is consistent throughout the whole line but PIECE OF MY HEART, HASHBURY and PENNY LANE felt especially luxurious and pigmented to me.


As I mentioned in the beginning of my review, the specially designed palette is LE and will sell out quickly  (I predict that it will be gone within hours). If you miss out on the 17th, the shadows will be restocked but serious LOOXI fans will want to get the palette for their collections. And just another reminder that on the 17th only (11am CST) the palette will be discounted to $54 (with the discount code: BEAUTYCULT10) and the bundle will be $45 (with the discount code). After that the regular prices will go back into effect. $70 for the palette, $60 for the eyeshadow bundle and as always the shadows will be $5 each.

I’m so excited for you guys to try this collection! So many of you told me how much you loved the AURORA 2 COLLECTION and dare I say it… I think FREELOVE is even better!

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