May Lindstrom Skin “THE PROBLEM SOLVER” Mask

One of the things I always repurchase is the May Lindstrom Skin products – today I’m using the PROBLEM SOLVER MASK and figured I posted my thoughts on it.. First off: if you have redness problems, rosacea, large pores, sensitive skin or if you are just into “Natural skincare” this is your thing. Ive been using this mask for over a year now, started when I was pregnant with the dragon, I had major hormonal issues that had made my skin a wreck and this mask helped balance them out in a great way.


I purchase this myself and its available through May’s website and through Beautylish (It is an affil link, you would be supporting the blog but you don’t have to shop through there). The price is $90 and it is a high price for a mask but It will last you a longgggg time my dudes, you only need a teaspoon of product and you activate with a few drops of water. I even got hubs into it and he coyly praises it. Its been a year and using it almost every Saturday, yet I still have little bit less than half the jar left. I sometimes mix it with THE HONEY MUD and sometimes if my skin is specially dry, I add a few drops of the YOUTH DEW facial oil for extra oomph. It does this tingling sensation but fear not my sensitive skin havers: this will not irritate or burn (I have been using this with absolutely no problem).


 Seen above (I also applied a lip scrub as a lip mask) 

My pores have tighten significantly and so have the patches of dryness and redness and leaves my skin so luscious feeling that I don’t even want to put on makeup, I just want to enjoy looking at it! alright.. off to filming – I got a certain Looxi Palette to film today and Im also waiting on the rest of my CP valentine’s order so I can film that too.



  1. That sounds amazing. And if it lasts that long then it’s 1000% worth the price! My question is – is it a powder product since you activate it with water? And if not I’d be concerned with the ingredients losing potency over the year it takes to use it.


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