You guys may recall that I did a huge post on CLIONADH back in November. I really enjoyed reviewing their products so I said yes right away when they asked if I’d like to try their holiday collection. Before we get into the review, we have a non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT10 that you can use to save 10%.

Okay… so where to begin.. this brand blows my mind. I’m floored by their attention to detail and the amount of love and talent that goes into their products. Their whole line is VEGAN and obviously cruelty free. And their products are just phenomenal. And the packaging!

When you open your order, the first thing you’ll see is beautiful draw string bags. And some of the bags have different types of confetti in them. If you look closely at the blue bag on the top left, you can see what I mean.

Inside of those bags are the highlighters which they wrap in colorful tissue paper and seal with their logo.

Then you unwrap the tissue paper… and bam! They have all kinds of unique sleeves customized to go with the theme of each highlighter!
Here’s a few examples…

So before you even get to the actual product, you’ve gone through a full sensory experience!
Okay so let’s start the actual review with their charity shades!



($20CAD ~ $15USD)

How cute is the packaging on this one?? The little mustaches? Die! Every month Clionadh creates a special highlighter and they donate a portion of the proceeds to a specific charity. I love this idea! Discount codes don’t apply to the charity shades and they keep each shade around for a few months so that everyone has a chance to purchase.

Okay so let’s talk about this baby! This is their November shade but there’s still a few left. The proceeds from sales will go to prostate cancer Canada and they did a whole ‘manly’ theme with the name ‘MONSIEUR’, the mustache packaging and the blue color. It’s available in scented and unscented options. I have the scented one and it smells like oatmeal and honey and I want to eat it!! Take my word for it and get the scented one. 

It’s a marbled highlighter with a baby blue base color that’s laced with gold shimmer. Applied lightly to the cheekbones it shows up as just a hint of gold iridescence.

Or you can pack it on the lids as a beautiful teal eyeshadow.



  ($15CAD, approx $11USD)

 This highlighter was inspired by their late shih tzu by the same name and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society. I love dogs way more than people so I’m super into this one. 

It’s a 36mm pan with a marbled pattern of green, pink and white with a paw print stamped in the middle. The color pattern is giving me a camo vibe. 

It’s available in a sugar cookie scent or unscented and the packaging also has paw prints. On the skin it’s a pearly pink. 


($25CAD ~approx $19USD) 

Tada! I’m so excited to present you guys with CLIONADH’S first eyeshadow palette! These sold out really quickly and due to popular demand, they decided to make more. I’d suggest either following them on instagram or emailing their customer service, if you’d like one. I believe that they’re currently taking pre-orders.
Before we talk about the palette, I’d like to tell you a little about the brand. CLIONADH is a Canadian company operated by two sisters. One of them is a rocket scientist (not really but she’s got like 5 degrees in fields with really smart sounding names that I’m way too stupid to comprehend) and the other is more creative and artistic. So basically these girls know their shit and it shows in their line. If you’d like to check out my original review, on the bottom of the home page there’s a ‘brands we’ve discussed’ dropbox, you can select ‘CLIONADH’ and all of the relevant articles will pop up. 

Back to the palette! The formula is incredible. Soft and creamy, not the slightest bit powdery and pigmented af. 

ELDER is a metallic cranberry (possibly a dupe for ABH SANGRIA). CARDAMOM is coppery gold (similar to MAC AMBER LIGHTS). CHAMOMILE is a shimmery champagne with gold microglitter. SAGE is a metallic moss green with gold shimmer.

Gorgeous colors, excellent quality, 10/10 in my book!


($19CAD each, approx $14USD) 

These three highlighters are part of their LE ‘RADIANCE and ORNAMENTALS  COLLECTION’. I’m pretty sure all three are in stock but if they aren’t, they will be restocked soon. These are 44mm pans with 6g of product. And they’re a pretty cool concept. What they did was mix two contrasting colors (one warm, one cool) together in one pan. You can use each color separately or mix them together. In the above photo the first little swatch is both colors mixed and then they’re each swatched separately.

TRANSDUCTION is an iridescent blue violet and peachy orange. Mixed together they create a pinky lavender. 

EMISSION is an reddish pink and green. When you combine the two colors, it looks like a pearly white with subtle pink and green reflects. 

PHOTON is a yellow gold and lavender, together they create a pale pinky gold.

I think this a really cool concept and in general I’m super impressed with the color combinations that they come up with. They mix colors that I would never think to pair with each other. I love Clionadh because they’re doing stuff that we haven’t seen before (at least I haven’t) and it’s refreshing to see some new and unique ideas.


These three are mixtures of iridescent sparkly colors. NIGHTFALL and DAYBREAK ($17CAD each, approx $13USD) are 36mm pans. You can buy them separately or as a duo for $31CAD (approx $23USD).

NIGHTFALL  is a cool toned mixture of blue, green and lavender, blended out on the skin, it’s an iridescent teal. 

DAYBREAK is warm toned and has a rainbow gradient of pink, orange and yellow. On the cheekbones it’s pinky gold. These swatches are swiped onto the skin with a contour brush so you can see the rainbow pattern.  

In the middle we have RETINA ($25CAD, approx $19USD), which is huge 57mm pan with a marbled design of all 8 colors found in DAYBREAK and NIGHTFALL.

On the skin it’s a pearly color with hints of blue, pink and lavender. And below the swatches are blended out.

You can also purchase these as a trio for $54CAD (approx $41USD). I love how these have a subtle nod to the rainbow highlighter trend without being obvious. They do have tiny sparkles so if you’re not in to a super shimmery highlight, these aren’t for you. But the rest of their line is sparkle free. I find them to be very wearable. We’re talking teeny flecks of sparkle not a glitter bomb. My favorite of the three is DAYBREAK.


($35CAD approx $26USD for the duo, $19CAD approx $14USD each)

Now that we’re approaching the mid-point, I’d like to remind you of our non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT10 for 10% off. And don’t forget that Clionadh’s whole line is VEGAN! 

Okay now that we got that out of the way… SUGARCANE and SUCROSE are their only highlighters that come in square pans. They have 4g of product and are available in unscented or candy cane. As always I recommend getting the scented option. I love opening my CLIONADH palette, it smells indescribably delicious.

SUGARCANE (left) has a white base with green reflects and stripes of burgundy and mint.

Blended out, it’s a pearly white with green and pink reflects. 

SUCROSE (right) has a white base with pink reflects and stripes of burgundy and pink. 

Blended out, it’s a pink champagne color. 
Out of these two, SUGARCANE is my favorite. 


 ($50CAD approx $38USD for the trio, $18CAD approx $13USD each)

These are the last three LE Clionadh highlighters that I’ll be showing you guys. Then we’ll finish up by looking at their permanent collection!

You can buy these three as a set for a discounted price or purchase them individually.

FRACTAL is a blue and white marbled highlighter with a really cute (and intricate) snowflake stamp. I love their stamped highlighters! Even though it always breaks my heart a little to use them the first time. FRACTAL is available in berry or unscented. 

SUGAR PLUM is a light plummy purple and is available in a sugar plum scent. 

There’s two options for CANDELABRA, either light or dark. I have the dark version. It’s a peachy gold with copper shimmer. I can’t quite place what the scent is. I want to say maple but as always, it’s available in unscented as well.

Out of these three I really love CANDELABRA, which is surprising because it’s warmer than what I usually go for. I also love FRACTAL.  They did such a good job with the stamp on it. And it’s really a beautiful highlighter.


These four are from their permanent ‘DEITY SERIES’.

 LLYR is half iridescent blue and half pinky lavender.

ANU is a mixture of gold, blue, lavender and peach. On the skin it looks like a pearly champagne with a hint of blue and pink.

CLIONADH LIGHT is a mixture of rose, champagne and gold. 

CLIONADH MEDIUM is a combination of magenta, champagne and gold. LLYR and ANU are more cool toned and CLIONADH LIGHT and MEDIUM are warmer.

I’ve gotten the most use out of ANU and CLIONADH LIGHT. But if you love an iridescent blue highlight (and I know a ton of you do!) then I highly recommend LLYR, it’s beautiful!

And the rest of the DEITY SERIES! I actually swatched and reviewed most (all?) of these shades the first time around. But since they’re permanent, I thought it would be appropriate to do a quick refresher! All five of these shades are $16CAD or approximately $12USD, which is very reasonable for 44mm pans especially when you consider their superior quality.

CREDNE is a dark orangey copper appropriate for tan to deep skin tones. The texture of this one is incredibly smooth and creamy and I love wearing it as an eyeshadow.

SLAINE is a medium rose with gold shimmer.

BEL is a sparkly yellow gold.

CERMAIT has a creamy white base with yellow gold reflects.

And last but certainly not least EATON is a light peachy champagne.

Out of this last set, EADON is my favorite as a highlighter and CREDNE is my favorite as an eyeshadow.

I hope that you guys enjoyed looking at these swatches as much as I enjoyed doing them! I think that the love and joy and that goes in to each one of Clionadh’s products is evident without me having to spell it out. Please let me know if you decide to order from them! I love hearing about your experiences, especially when you love the products as much as I do!

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