ColourPop Cosmetics x Alexis Ren 

ColourPop x Alexis Ren collaboration

If you don’t know who Alexis Ren is, I’m going to clue you in: she’s a modern day jetsetting perfect tan-goddess. The kid has almost 8m insta followers and the body of a siren, but don’t be quick to hate on her physique: she works hard for that tiny waist too. She’s the latest collaborator to the ColourPop saga and is bringing back the focus to glowy sun kissed skins and effortless pouts that go from day to night at the flick of a wand. A liquid lipstick wand that is.

The collaboration drops 2/3/17 at 10am PST .

The lineup includes the first ever blotted lip product that is meant to be a sheer MATTE wash of color. The shades are far from basic becoming the “your lips but better” product for the summer.  They are lightweight and have the feel of a balm – comfortable and almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. I didn’t exactly find them moisturizing nor drying. Will test wearability this week.

DEJAVÚ IS a mid tone pink shade that blended with my natural lip color rather well:

In the sun (as I dream I’m on a beach somewhere)

Natural light:

EROTIC is a coral red

Whilst LEXI is a Dark berry red – the color ones lips get after sipping on beachy drinks all day..

The liquid lipsticks are in two finishes: a matte (LITTLE WEAPON- a bright coral red) and a satin (BARE NECESSITIES- a mid toned peach – which I haven’t LIP swatched yet!)

But if I know our readers, I know you are waiting to know about TOPAZ.

TOPAZ is the first pressed powder face product palette that ColourPop releases, breaking the wave of CREME to powder and straight up dropping a product we all love: a bright gold highliter – and it’s friend the bronzer.  I found these to be very layerable and smooth to apply. The highlighter had a tad of glitter on it which is not what I prefer on a highlighter product but it was still pretty and gave me a glowy complexion.

These are some different angles on the set applied on medium toned skin.

I also blended it outwards on my arm 

I think my favorite item was the LITTLE WEAPON lipstick – as much as I’m a highlighter gal, this lippy just had moxie and it’s the perfect coral red that can dress my face with no other makeup (yea ok, I’m totes wearing the bronzer and highliter here but you almost thought I just came from the beach amirite!?!?! )

Drops 2/3/17 at 10am PST – bring your beachy godess alterego self.


  1. I, too do not like glitter on my face. Anywhere. Not anywhere at all. The colors look beautiful on you, and the swatches are gorgeous. I was wondering if the eyeshadow glitter fallout is easily “brushed away?”


  2. Am so thankful for the discovery of this site, I’m so glad you do these swatches early on before or during launches so I can decide beforehand what to get! Thank you so much!


  3. That looks gorgeous on you!! And I love the Chanel-esque packaging for this collection (some of the lippies look like Chanel glosses) I wish they did their highlighters all without glitter, as I don’t know anyone who wants glitter on their cheeks!!


  4. I’m so not a bronzer gal but I really love this look on you and that coral red is gorgeous. Now I asked you this question on insta but I’m asking again lol. Have you ever tried Glossier’s generation g and if you have how does the blotted lip compare to tthose. They are also a blotted lip type of lip product that I am obsessed with.


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