Not sure if you guys remember but a few weeks ago GLITTER ELIXIRS sent over a bunch glitters for me to swatch for you guys. I’ve been posting small batches on IG over the past few weeks and now I’m going to put all of the swatches together for your viewing pleasure! First of all she has a HUGE selection of glitters. They come in convenient test tube style packaging (very minimal mess) and there’s 2 sizes: 3g for $5 and 6g for only $6! And tbh 3g is enough glitter to last for years. These are some of the most reasonable priced glitters that I’ve seen, so if you’ve been meaning to try out some new colors then I recommend checking out their website!

UNIHORN! is basically every color of the rainbow in glitter form.

NETHERWOVEN is lavender with a strong lime green duochrome. 

ENDERFRIEND and WYVERN are both solid purples. ENDERFRIEND is warmer and more red based.

WYVERN  is a deep blue based violet.

 I love purple so this set is my jam but I think UNIHORN! and NETHERWOVEN are the two that are definitely worth considering. I don’t own anything that’s comparable to either one. 


Set number two of GLITTER ELIXIRS swatches!

Okay so here we have two solid metallic glitters, a duochrome glitter and holographic glitter. THE NETHER and 10 HEARTS are pretty similar.

10 HEARTS is valentine’s day, true red and THE NETHER is a deeper, oxblood red. 

ZOMBIE PIG MAN (these names!) is a pale barbie pink with rainbow holographic reflects. I think it’s pretty similar to MAC 3D PINK GLITTER. 

HARD MODE is a bright coral pink with a gold to green shift. 

I’m digging all four. I’d say that you probably don’t need both THE NETHER AND 10 HEARTS, you could probably choose one or the other. But I’m not sure which one that I’d recommend more. My instinct is to say THE NETHER but 10 HEARTS is really pretty too. But the great thing about these glitters is that they’re only $5-$6. With prices like that you can afford to experiment and take risks with color. 

Drop whatever it is you’re doing! Shit just got real… do you see ALCHEMIST and HYDRA?!? Tell me that you see them too and I’m not dreaming! This is my third post of the products sent from @glitterelixirscosmetics. And I’m still trying to get the hang of swatching glitters and figuring out the best way to present them. I asked you guys yesterday if you liked the macros or full swatches better and I think everyone said the full swatches. This pic is a combination of the two. By the time that I’m done with all of these products, I should have a black belt in glitter swatching. Okay enough. Let’s move on.
STEVE’S SHIRT is a super metallic teal. 

HYDRA is a blue to green duochrome. 

ALCHEMIST in the tube is a pale mint green with gold flecks. On the skin it looks nearly white and shifts gold and copper and also green to almost blue. 

The last three are shades of green that are at least somewhat similar. SLIME CHUNK is a warm green with yellow undertones. It has flecks of gold and lime green from some angles.

HUNTER is a more earthy green with hints of yellow, bronze and silver.

LICH is a metallic celery green. 

Clearly you need HYDRA and ALCHEMIST. STEVE’S SHIRT is a beautiful color and I’m sure most of you are going to go bananas over it. But it’s not a color I’ll get much use out of. As far as the greens, HUNTER is the one that I find the most interesting but I kinda feel like you need SLIME CHUNK too, just for the name.

Eek!!!! These damn things just keep getting better and better! I’ve been having such a good time doing these swatches. A lot of these glitters look quiet and unassuming in the jar and end up being crazy duochrome magic on the skin. All four of these swatched differently than what I’d expected.

LEROY is a bright orangey copper with hints of red and gold.

MAIN CHARACTER is a brassy gold. It reminds me of the glitter version of MUG FORTUNE TELLER. 

DOUBLE CHEST is muted copper with rainbow holographic reflects. I think it’s a dupe for MAC 3D COPPER GLITTER. 

And lastly, my personal favorite, PULL! When you look at it in the tube, it’s a medium orange with flecks of green and gold. When you swatch it, it’s a vibrant coral pink with specks of gold (bottom pic) or a gold to green shift (top pic) depending on the light and angle. 
My favorite is definitely PULL but they’re all dope tbh. I think I’ve swatched about 20 so far and I’ve loved every single one. But the beauty of these glitters is that they’re only $5 or $6 each depending on what size you get. And the $5 tubes are large enough to keep you in glitter for years. Another tip, something that @colourpopcult and I do all the time, is to order with a friend and divvy up the jars between you.

Set #5!

So before we talk about the showstopper let me tell you about the other three… 

DUAL WIELD is dark brown with plum undertones and a metallic finish.

BOWS & ARROWS is dark reddish bronze with rainbow reflects.

ROLL THE DICE is an antique bronze. It reminds me a lot of one of the shades in the NATASHA DENONA STAR PALETTE. 

Okay let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the main course… BASILISK!

In the jar it looks like it’s equal parts emerald green and reddish copper. It shifts from copper to bronze to almost black and then from gold to green with a hint of blue.

A bunch of you have been asking if BASILISK is dupe for OCC SCARAB. I did quick little swatches so that I could check it out and I’d say that they’re 80% dupes. BASILISK pulls more green and SCARAB picks up more chocolaty bronze tones. Also BASILISK’S green shift is a jewel toned emerald color. SCARAB’S green shift has stronger yellow undertones, more like a grass green. That being said. Do you need both? Absolutely not. Unless you’re a crazy person like I am. Otherwise definitely not. I can do a post comparing the two at some point if you guys

The first three all have a high shine, metallic finish. 

GOLD FARM is a light orangey copper. 

PALADIN and THE BLUFFS are pretty similar. They’re both light champagne colors.

 PALADIN is a little more bronze and THE BLUFFS is more gold. 

MINING BY GLOWSTONE is an antique gold with rainbow holographic reflects.

 CUTE LIL’ PIGGY is holographic and the other 3 are all metallic. CUTE LIL’ PIGGY is a pinky purple with rainbow reflects. 

AFK is a deep aubergine. 

CORPSE CAMPER is a silvery pink. It reminds me of the glitter version of ABH PINK CHAMPAGNE. 

H4X is a rose color with a hint of copper.

I think that you need all four of these. I love them all equally and I couldn’t possibly choose favorites. But don’t forget they’re only $5 each so they’re really not going to break the bank.

This is it guys! The last set of glitters that I have to show you! Let’s talk about these 5 and then I’ll recap and give you my top recommendations!

MOOSHROOM is a mixture of red, blue and silver. But it’s predominantly red.

NETHERWART is a bright fuchsia with orange and purple reflects.

MELON SLICES is a complex color. It’s base is a dark pinky copper and it has a multicolor shift.

MEAT SHIELD and PLAINSTRIDER are fairly similar. MEAT SHIELD is a pale peachy pink and PLAINSTRIDER is a light hot pink and they both have gold to green reflects. 

I’ve really enjoyed doing this review. The glitters are beautiful and the names crack me up. Most of them are from video games, btw. And these are the most affordable cosmetics glitters that I’ve personally come across. 
Okay soooooo top recommendations….






I love all four of these…


GLITTER ELIXIRS also has many other glitters besides what I’ve swatched for you guys. And as I’ve said time and time again these are the most affordable cosmetics glitters that I’ve ever come across. Okay now I’m going to attempt to clean up the glitter remnants that are stuck to every surface of my house after doing this series!


  1. this is just such a nice post 😀 love it! now I want all of them, even though I don’t wear gliter at all :D:D
    what do you use to stick them to your skin? and can they be worn on the eyes?


    • I know the feeling!! And yes, I only use them on my eyes. With the fine glitters you can get away with using a setting spray but they’ll stay better with a glitter adhesive. Lit cosmetics makes a really good one. Or nyx has a good one too that’s only 5 or 6 bucks.


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