SEPHORA PLAY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that exclusively features brands that are sold at SEPHORA. Every month you get a drawstring bag, 5 samples and a perfume sample. There’s usually about 4 different product variations. 

This month’s theme is ‘Beauty, Set, Go’ and they included products that you could throw in your gym bag. I’ve literally never gotten a shower at the gym but I’ll enjoy everything just as much from my home!  Lately they’ve started to get creative with the bags that they include. This one has a mesh back and orange trim. This month I got two makeup items, two skincare items, a hair product and the usual perfume sample.

CLINIQUE ALMOST LIPSTICK in BLACK HONEY ($12.25)- This stuff is supposed to be a cult classic and provide the color of lipstick. It’s a dark berry color in the tube but on the lips it’s extremely sheer and gives just a hint of color. I actually like this. It’s very hydrating and I can put it on without a mirror and not end up looking like a crazy person.

OUAI TREATMENT MASK ($6.50)- I haven’t used this yet as I’m reviewing a shampoo and conditioner that I got from INFLUENSTER  (it’s KENDRA PLATINUM COLOR EXTEND or something like that and -spoiler alert- I hate it) so I can’t say whether or not if I like yet. But it has a really strong floral scent which isn’t usually my favorite.

DRUNK ELEPHANT LALA RETRO WHIPPED CREAM  ($6)- DRUNK ELEPHANT is always a plus in my book regardless of what the product is. I generally use an oil to moisturize so it’s nice to switch it up and use a cream occasionally. This one is thick and really sinks into the skin. I’ve bought this product before and I would buy it again. 

IT COSMETICS CC CREAM ($4.75)- I love this cc cream and I use it almost every time that I wear makeup but I prefer the illuminating variety. And I’ve got about 20 samples of this stuff since it’s always included in sub boxes and as a GWP from Ulta and Sephora. Whatever. I’ll use it eventually.

TARTE FRXXXTION STICK ($5)- this was the best new discovery from a subscription box that I’ve gotten in awhile. Actually that’s not true. I loved the peel that I got from Popsugar this month too… anyway. This is a weird looking black gel in stick form. You twist it up and apply it directly to your face in the shower. It foams up to cleanse and also exfoliate. It is glandular so it might not be the best for sensitive skin. It’s different from any product that I’ve used before and it’s something that I might consider purchasing. Assuming that I ever use up the 20 other facial exfoliants that I have in my hall closet.

TORY BURCH LOVE RELENTLESSLY – meh. It’s very floral and again that’s not my favorite scent. But I don’t hate it.

SEPHORA PLAY is $10 a month and this month’s value is around $35. As always I feel like Sephora play includes the type of products that you get for free with a purchase but I like mostly everything that was included this month. I love the Tarte cleanser and the Drunk Elephant lotion and I’ll use the CC cream (eventually) and the Clinique gloss. I’m not too sure about the conditioner and the perfume isn’t my favorite but 4 out of 6 isn’t too bad!

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