Viseart Warm Matte Palette 

Behold the VISEART WARM MATTTES PALETTE! Available now at Muse Beauty Pro . I received this palette for review but I’m not affiliated with the brand or seller. My thoughts on this palette remain unbiased even as I do love the Viseart brand altogether as well as the customer service at Muse (if you are a pro, there is a significant pro discount you can apply for). First: this palette retails for $80 and contains 12 shades, with 24g / 0.84 oz of product. Considering that There is 12 shades, making each shade $6.60 which is pretty good for an amazing MATTE shadow. If you’re a pro this comes out at $64 leaving each shadow at $5.3. There is an indicator sheet that explains what the shades are intended for and if you’re a starting MUA this explains the skintones it is recommended for. 

The palette itself looks lighter than it swatches and I found myself actually enjoying the lighter shades in this. There is some powder kickback when using a blending brush – as it’s expected from mattes.  

The lighter shades were surprisingly great to work with, lighter matte shades tend to be chalky and in this case, they were not. 

The second to last dark brown shade was the only one I found some patchiness on application and perhaps not as much pigmentation as one could expect based on how the shade looks in the pan.  

My favorites were the oranges. Yellows. And that dark brown burgundy. Everything in between seems very commonly warm browns but one forgets the importance of transition shades and how one needs to have not one but at least 2 shades in between on a look to blend and to duh transition and make a look (smokey or not smokey) not look harsh. 

Viseart IS notorious for making palettes that will require a secondary backup palette for transitions or for highlight but this is one of those that can be rocked as a standalone palette, for natural looks to smokey types, if you stick to the MATTE finishes. 

Obviously if you crave shimmer; this is not where it’s at but if you’re reading this you prob have a gold type of shade to shimmer your look with.  You were gonna say that huh!? Didn’t you read the title heathen!? Lol. Anyway it is overall a pretty steep priced palette but once you break down by shade you realiZe you are getting 12 full sized shadows whereas other palettes have 12 smaller versions of their shadows – not everyone needs this as the shades are prob on most of your stashes but if you’re looking to consolidate and invest on some good quality warm Mattes this is your thing. 
More swatches 

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