Zahra Beauty RovAnza collection organizers and discount code 

The other day I did an IG story walk through on Zahra beauty store New line of organizers: THE ROVANZA COLLECTION- they have these in white, black, silver and the classic clear which is what I always go with. 
I use the nail polish one for my perfumes, that way I have them in my dresser nice and pretty. 

The compacts one has my favorite ColourPop highlighters that way I have them on the drawers aside and ready to use 

The lipgloss holder now houses my liquid shadows (stila, urban decay…

The brush holder became my new lip pencil holder because at this point they need their own house. 

I love how sturdy and how affordable these are without being too bulky and taking a ton of space on your vanity! 

Save 5% with code OURBEAUTYCULT !!! (Affil)!! 

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