As I mentioned on IG yesterday, I haven’t ordered from COLOURPOP in months. When I buy makeup I generally justify my purchase by knowing that I’ll review it on here and on instagram for my peeps. And since my other half swatches and reviews all of the new COLOURPOP releases, there’s no real need for me to repeat what she’s already done. But because there was so much hype around this release, I broke down and bought some of the new powder shadows as well as some of their regular shadows that I’ve been eyeballing for awhile. I’m sure that Em has already discussed the packaging and whatnot so I’m just going to give my opinion on the formula and colors. But before I get into that, I just need to touch on something that’s driving me crazy. On the website, the product amounts are listed as 1.2g/ .04oz. Then on the sleeves it says 1.2g/ .042oz. Okay, not a big difference. Whatever. But then on the palettes it says 1.4g/ .05oz. Um… okay… so the shadows in the palettes are larger than the singles? Wtf. So then I pull one of the eyeshadows out of the palette and the back says 1.0g/ .035oz. What in the actual fuck?? Four different product amounts? Seriously? Get it together CP. So really I have no idea how much product is in these pans but MUG eyeshadows are $6 for 1.8g ($3.33 per gram). The CP shadows are somewhere between  $3.57 and $5 per gram. 

Alright let’s talk color!

POPULAR DEMAND is warm red brown with a matte finish. I’d compare it to ABH RED EARTH.

STAY GOLDEN is a bright raspberry matte.

MAKING MOVES (love the outsiders reference) is a bright reddish coral, similar to MUG POPPY

WAIT FOR IT is a bright peachy coral similar to MAC CORAL. 

JUST IN TIME is a pale gold with a satin finish 

CUTE ALERT is a dark burgundy matte 

SILVER LINING is a matte dusty purple 

COME AND GET IT is a soft pink with gold shimmer.

HIGH STRUNG is a metallic rose gold.

GET OUT is medium berry toned matte.

All and all I’m pretty impressed with these shadows! Most of them have a good bit of kick up but they have really nice color pay off. And they’re not patchy! Which is especially impressive for the berry toned mattes because colors like that are notoriously patchy. I only got three shimmery shades and the one that stood out to me was HIGH STRUNG. It’s a color that I’ve seen many times before but the formula is so smooth and creamy without feeling heavy. Very nice! Stand outs for me as far as the mattes are GET OUT, STAY GOLDEN, SILVER LINING and CUTE ALERT. I like GET OUT, STAY GOLDEN and SILVER LINING because they’re pretty colors with nice formulas and I can’t think of 20 dupes for them off of the top of my head. I do own a lot of deep burgundy colors like CUTE ALERT but most of them tend to be patchy or difficult to blend. CUTE ALERT applies really nicely. I like the rest of the shadows a lot too but they aren’t as appealing to me since I already own a lot of similar shades. Overall I like these shadows and I do recommend them. Although I would like to get a definitive answer about the product amounts. They probably won’t be replacing MUG as my favorites due to the kick up but I think the formula is pretty darn good! I would buy more in the future if the colors stood out to me.


  1. Does anybody know the diameter of the pan? Seriously, I have scoured the internet and found nothing ( I am sorry if she actually mentioned this in the review, I did not see that.) I have been trying to find the right palette to put it in. And I am just wondering if they fit in a coastal scents palette.


      • Love the review!
        I just wanted to ask, what other palettes would they fit in? besides CS and Z palettes.
        I made an order but didnt receive any free empty palettes, a bit bummed about that but now I I want to put them in a nice snug palette where they are surrounded & hugged unlike the z palette.


  2. I feel the same irritability when it comes to the labeling of the weights/amounts of product in each pan. I realize that it’s only a small amount but that small amount adds up if you’re comparing costs and dupes to place a fairly large order from either CP or MUG. Then it really does matter. That small amount eventually adds up to an entire pan! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I want my shit to be consistent and accurate. Has anyone reached out to the CP people and asked about this? I don’t even bother because I’m a nobody to them, but they’d possible reply to Em. Just wondering. Thanks for another great post!! XOXO


  3. The correct amount of product does not really make a huge difference. I have very few eyeshadows where i have hit pan. But when i am trying to decide between two different brands I will obviously look for it. Also CP needs to give the correct info to the consumers. This kind of confusion is not expected frm a well established brand.I so wanted to get these eye shadows but here’s my experience I added 4 eye shadows at the exact launch time and it didn’t give the free palette. I had to add the 5th eye shadow to get the palette,which was not the offer was clearly a technical glitch. So i turned to CP’s facebook page. I posted my issue and there so many others who had the same issue. CP responded to ppl who bought stuff but they never responded to my issue. That was kind of bummer and so i decided not to place my order. I think when a company wants to launch something so big…why isn’t customer service left behind…Sorry for my rant ….I just wasn’t happy with my experience


  4. Great review! You addressed all the points I was curious about. I want to try silver lining, come and get it, and stay golden as they are very different from shades I already have. I don’t mind the smaller size(?) because I’ve never hit pan on any shadows.


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