Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Palette dupes 

This post feels almost Angelaesque- it was actually her idea that I duped the Kylie Palettes especially this holiday one since it was Le. Usually crap that we come out at 2am talking smack and then I come through 13 days later cause I procrastinate like the best of them. Basically the colors are blended in so you see how similar the alternatives are. I initially tried to stick to ColourPop but I found others in my Looxi Beauty stash and my Anastasia stash too, hell: even my growing MUG stash – my main rule was picking shades that were available individually so in case you liked the palette after a single shade you don’t have to have major fomo (👩‍✈️fomo! Salutes*! If you get the reference comment below! ) if you missed on this palette. This is the first 5 shades as as you can see there’s pretty close alternatives for all. 

 We do have a code with LOOXI BEAUTY as we started the #looxicult around here! (BEAUTYCULT10 for 10% off) 

More versions without the names and the line 

Now the remaining shades:

I feel my favorite in the bunch is MAKEUP GEEK ENCHANTED FOREST and Looxi Beauty’s SO DOPE. I don’t have many purples so I’m surprised I actually found close comparable purple shades and let’s be honest: doesn’t SAINT AND SINNERS just have a little more OOMPH?

Granted they are not exact dupes but really good alternatives! 

Don’t forget to Save 10% at JUVIA’s Place with code BEAUTYCULT! (Affil) 

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