I wanted to tell you guys about a new product that I’m using to step up my photography game. Full disclosure this product was sent to me but I’m not being compensated monetarily in any way. Nor was I required to write this article, I just thought it might of interest to my fellow bloggers, aspiring bloggers or those of you who are just wanting to take better photos for social media. A little background, I had purchased from this company before and exchanged a few emails with their customer service. This was maybe a month ago then last week I got an email from them saying that they’d like to use me as their monthly photographer feature! I said yes right away but then I started panicking because I’m not really a photographer. My knowledge in that area is rudimentary at best but I aspire to learn more and do better every day. They assured me to they feature all levels of photographers from hobbyists to professionals and that they thought my line of work would be of interest to their readers. And so here we are at the present!

Now let me tell you about the product that I received…
In case you’re not familiar a light box is a box (or tent) containing electric light that provides an evenly lighted flat surface for photography or art.

This is actually my third box. First I got a really small one with a single row of led lights along the top outer edge. It was nice because it was inexpensive and compact but I could only use it photograph small objects and the light wasn’t very strong. Then I got a ginormous 24 inch tent that used external lights. I will definitely keep that one for photographing large items but it’s really too big to keep set up all of the time and I’m too lazy to spend the extra 5-10 minutes setting it up and breaking it down every other day. And again the lighting included with it wasn’t the greatest. Last week I received the StudioPRO All in One.

The first thing that I like about this light box is the size. It’s 16′ which is large enough to hold all the products that I want to photograph but small enough to fit on an end table. It also folds up for easy storage or transportation. It has an opening in the front that’s adjustable so that you can open it more or less depending on the size of the object that you’re photographing. It also has a window on the top for a birds eye shooting angle. The sides of the tent are reflective which reduces shadows. The kit included four different colored backdrops which are made of a smooth material that’s easy to clean. One of the tents that I tried had fabric backdrops that showed every wrinkle and stained easily. The best part for me, is that it has some seriously powerful LED lights.

You can see here that the front drops down completely making it easy to arrange whatever products you’re shooting. And you can also see the reflective sides that I was referring to earlier.

Here I was arranging the items in my January Popsugar box for my review that I’ll be doing next week.

And here you can see the LED panels on the top of the box, as well as the window for overhead shots.
I find this product useful for a number of reasons. Firstly the lighting in my house is terrible so before this I would have take all of my photos during the day when the sun was out. This isn’t such a big deal in July when I have daylight until 9pm but it’s very limiting during winter when the sun sets at 430pm. The second reason is that it allows me to take clean product photos with seamless backgrounds.

These are some products that I reviewed recently. I took this photo before I got the StudioPRO and as you see, the background isn’t completely white. Before I would have to manipulate product arrangements and crop photos in order to have a clean background.

This photo was taken using my new StudioPRO tent and as you can see, it’s well lighted  and more professional-looking with a clean crisp background.

A second example is a photo for another article that I’m working on (Yes, I’m finally doing the third installment of makeup brush series. Highlighting and contour brushes will be up next week!) The above photo I took during the day but since it was overcast, it looks dark and not very clear.

This photo I took using the window in the top of the StudioPRO. Since a lot of the brushes have ferrels made from reflective material, I used the diffuser that was included in the kit to reduce the glare. The difference from the first photo is subtle but the extra brightness makes it more clear and easier to read and also more aesthetically pleasing.

In this third example, I actually took the photo outside but you can see that edge of the palette is casting a shadow on some of the pans. Little things like that drive me crazy and ruin a photo for me.

As you can see in the above photo the light box provides even lighting so that there are no annoying shadows and the colors are bright and true to life.
Also the panel with the LED chips is removable so you can also use it on its own. And it doesn’t get hot!

I’ve also been using it to provide more light when taking makeup photos at night. The above photo is without any additional light.

And this photo is with the LED panel. I didn’t even remove it from the tent. I just opened the lid and the lights made the whole room brighter so that the details and colors of the makeup show up much better on camera.
I still prefer sunlight for swatches and I don’t think that will ever change but having a light box has been a game changer for product photos. The clean seamless background keeps all the focus on the product and the light is bright without being  unnatural. Out of three tents that I’ve tried, I think the StudioPRO is the best one and I’d recommend it for bloggers or anyone else who does product photography. I feel like this post is reading like an ad but I swear it’s not! I’m not affiliated with this company in anyway, however we are affiliated with Amazon if you so desire to shop through here, but you can always just purchase through the brand directly.  I just like the product and thought it might interest some of you as well.



  1. Wow I just recently got a Lightbox from Amazon – the exact one that Stephanie Nicole recommend and I’m not happy with it, sending it back. I’m definitely going to look into this one!


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