MAKEUP GEEK ‘DATE NIGHT’ BUNDLE ($49, $66 VALUE) Every few months MAKEUP GEEK puts together a coordinating set of 9 eyeshadows and sells them at a reduced price. And after the last few bundles being super warm, I guess they decided it was time to hook up the cool toned boys and girls. This set includes 6 matte eyeshadows ($6 each) and 3 foiled shadows ($10 each). Purchased separately these shadows would cost $66. So $49 is a savings of over 25%.

This is the perfect set to use for a smoky eye with a pop of color. And I like that they included the purples instead of making it all grays and taupes. But when it comes down to it cool tones just aren’t my thang. I like and use all of these shadows but I couldn’t see myself doing my makeup using only these shades. But that’s just me. And if I didn’t already have these shadows, I’d definitely buy this bundle because it’s a good deal and I like all the colors individually.

SAND DOLLAR is pale gray with subtle pink undertones.
FRIEND ZONE is a medium taupey brown with mauve undertones.

CONCRETE JUNGLE is a matte dark gray.

HIGH WIRE is a metallic silver with a hint of blue.

SORCERY is a dark slate with a foiled finish.

CORRUPT is a matte black.

FAIRYTALE is dusty lavender gray.

PLOT TWIST is a medium periwinkle with a foiled finish 

MOTOWN is a dark cool toned blue

 Will you be picking up the DATE NIGHT bundle??

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