Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls and Blush – review, swatches, alternatives and late night confessions. 

You know I get a kick of getting fancy stuff. Either when I was younger working 3 jobs so I could splurge on fancy dinners by myself… I get a kick of treating myself from time to time with completely irrationally expensive shit, deaf to my friends and family accusatory looks and comments on how something is not even worth it bla bla bla.. That’s how I always felt about Guerlain stuff. It’s always irrationally expensive and I only own one set of meteorites before these (the orb from 2015, which I quite like tyvm). 

For the noob, meteorites are a finishing powder, meant to be applied as a last step and claiming to give you a glow from within look, looking closely it’s got very fine particles of shimmer, legends say it’s meant to make your face look sorta photoshopped and dreamlike. They also come strongly scented and with a fluffy poof so you sit and powder your nose, sitting on your vanity all bourgeoisie and whatever. It’s got a cult following of collectors, every year they have a particular release with a cute packaging, they sell out even as they are usually around the $70 mark and 5-10 business days later, we giddily receive a plastic (or metallic) orb filled with around 25 pearls that promise a lot. Then we sit down, and get honest with ourselves and use Hourglass finishing powders anyway, cause already bought that one and It was less expensive, cause we don’t wanna ruin the pearls… bla bla.. sound familiar? Get the point I’m getting at? Let’s get to the review. 

The packaging on these is gorgeous, the meteorites come in a large ornament sized ball, containing 30g (there was a few times Guerlain shortened it to 25g and there was a loud public outcry). The packaging is a sturdy plastic in Pearl White that is pearlescent pink when shifted into the sun.  

Mine came mostly broken but let’s be honest, this is meant to be swirled around anyway so I used them anyway. 

I don’t use the poof. I have a trusty large Hakuhodo that fits in these perfectly, and as this is the same size as my other meteorite casing, it works.  The powder itself swirled around was a bit pinky but on the face it just translates to a very fine barely there shimmer, it’s got the same Guerlain  scent as the other and I feel so much hoopla for nothing since I’m going to end up using Hourglass anyway… it’s just more convenient since it’s a compact and since it’s winter, I skip a finishing powder and spray a good old Tatcha or similar finishing sprays (Fix + etc..) to have any powders settle within themselves.  (Please note fix + is not a setting spray, it won’t prolonge the time your makeup is flawless, it’s just meant as a moisturizing spray to help powders bind with each other so you don’t look like Tony Montana on the last scene, less of a powdered donut, more Elvira). So what happens then? I hoard these as pretty fixtures on my vanity, $72 less on my pocket. When am I going to learn?  When are we going to stop getting hyped up stuff that looks pretty and basically don’t need? I have other meteorites, somehow used but clearly nowhere to be finished.. I am coming to the late night confession that this might be one of those “emperor new clothes-like” products: something that a lot of people ooohh and ahhhh but you really are there staring at the crowd naked, with $72 less on your pocket, convinced of the gloriousness of your skin. 

For those of you who believe, don’t let my measly review turn you against… hell: I challenge you to change my mind. 

For now: I’m making the executive decision to return. With the grounds of it being broken anyway. 

To the blush: 

The packaging has the same pearlescent look with the pink shift. 

It’s got 0.26g and a mirror, the pan looks like pressed confetti and it’s a cool toned pink. For $54. 

It kinda ressembles squished gum, the shade looks very pretty on the pan. 

And that’s. It. 

This above is actually 4 swipes over primed skin. The pearls I swatched but they are not meant to be layered enough to be seen, that’s kinda the point. If I layer more either of these it starts looking chalky. 

This is a swatch on the ringlight (white light) 

These were 4 swatches. I’m an nc30- Medium type of complexion. So needless to say this did not perform how I expected. At this price tag ?  No. It’s going back.  

I understand this is meant as a “glow” blush, a barely there statement on your cheeks but it’s certainly catered towards the very pale as it requires several layers for any type of pigment to show- right before it starts looking chalky.. if I was lighter skinned, and rich I’d keep. But as of now, I’m returning as well.  

Pretty packaging is pretty. But it is after all just that and when you have a large stash of things already sitting on your vanity, when do you call it quits and accept youre one stack of shit away from an episode of hoarders? 

Now I’m going to sleep. Hope I saved ya some money. 

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