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It’s that time again! Buying the BEAUTYLISH LUCKY BAG has been a day after Christmas tradition for me for the past few years. Wait. I think I’m getting ahead of myself again… what’s a lucky bag, you say?

So basically you pay a fixed amount of money for a mystery bag. It’s guaranteed to be worth at least double what you paid but some people will get ‘lucky’ bags worth much more. Every year on the day after Christmas, BEAUTYLISH releases these bags. And they always come in this adorable wrapping paper!

 Sometimes they put a little spin on the them. Last year there was just one lucky bag, no variations to choose from when purchasing. In the two years prior to that you could choose either ‘BOLD’, ‘MAKEUP ARTIST’ or ‘NATURAL’ and the bag was supposed to have products fitting each category. This year they offered the regular $75 bag and a limited quantity of XL $150 bags. I managed to snag one of them before they sold out. Here’s what I got…

I already knew from stalking unboxings that I’d be getting these two items because they appeared in every lucky bag, a sample size BIODERMA ($7) and  ORIBE DRY SHAMPOO ($22). I’m cool with both of these items. I love BIODERMA (who doesn’t?) and even though I have a fuckton of dry shampoo in my hall closet, ORIBE is a great brand and I’ll definitely use it. 

This baby is the big ticket item that was included in all of the XL bags, the NATASHA DENONA 28 PALETTE ($239)! I got the green and brown one. I’ve got the NATASHA DENONA STAR PALETTE as well as a few of 5 pan palettes but I could never bring myself to spend $250 on one palette. So I was happy to receive one as part of my lucky bag. 

Okay now let’s talk about the one item that I’m not at all happy about…

THE ONE PERFECTING BRUSH from BECCA ($49). I got one of these stupid, bulky brushes in last years box too and another one as part of a sephora gift. So now I’ve got three of the damn things that I’ll never touch. They’re big and bulky and extremely overpriced and I’m honestly shocked that they haven’t been discontinued yet. 

 I’ll definitely use the IT COSMETICS MASCARA ($24) and small Z PALETTE ($14). I can never have enough mascara or magnetic palettes. I wish it was a larger Z PALETTE but whatever. I’ll still use the baby one.

 And the last two items were COVERFX ENHANCER DROPS in SUNLIGHT ($42) and SMITH & CULT LIP LACQUER in FADE THE SUN ($22). I love the COVERFX drops and I didn’t have this color. I also LOVE SMITH & CULT! I love their packaging, their color selection and of course the actual product. And I was super happy to get this peachy color that I’ll definitely put to good use!

Including shipping I paid $160 for the bag and the retail value is $419. I’m definitely not mad about that. The only thing that I won’t use is the brush so I’m happy camper. My only constructive criticism is that they need to start widening the product selection for next year. I’m seeing lots of repeats from last year in other people’s posts. 


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