If you’re even the least bit famailiar with DEVINAH then you probably know that the amount of products that she carries is staggering. This can make placing an order a little difficult since there’s so many products to choose from. Well fear not folks because I’m working on building a swatch encyclopedia so that you can find a swatch of every DEVINAH product in one place. Eventually I want to do this for every brand so that you guys can come here and find exactly what you’re looking for. But that’s a long term goal. 

So here we have copper, bronze and brown shades. VINTAGE is a dark reddish bronze. DIVA is a few shades lighter with mauve undertones. 

ILLICIT and VENIAL are pretty similar copper colors. ILLICIT is a shade darker and a little more red. 

PASSION is one of her best colors that I somehow forgot about until doing these swatches. It’s one of her mattes and it’s a very unique brown. It’s got a lot of red to it but also some mauve undertones. Kind of like a combination of ABH RED EARTH and MUG WILD WEST. 

Out of these 5 my favorites are DIVA and PASSION. 

Set number 2 of @devinahcosmetics swatches! I love these pinks and berry tones!

SOLAR is a bright, buildable strawberry pink with a satin finish. This swatch is 2 layers. It’s very pigmented but if you’re light handed, it won’t be as dark.

AMBITION is a bubblegum pink with blue glitter. The glitter doesn’t really show up in the swatches, I’d recommend using a glitter glue with this one. 
GRIM is one of the new fall colors. It’s a bright magenta metallic.

ROUGE is a light, bright peachy pink. I forgot all about this guy which is shocking because it’s basically my favorite color. 
LIASON is burgundy metallic. The texture is silky smooth and it has great pigmentation.

FLUSH is a satin pink that ends up looking mostly matte when applied. This one isn’t as pigmented as the others but it’s buildable.
My favorites from this group are SOLAR, GRIM, ROUGE and LIASON. 

 I think I’ve said this every time but this is my favorite set so far. And I’m so glad that I decided to re-swatch all of them because I’m rediscovering a lot of forgotten treasures.
PARAMOUR is a deep burgundy with plum undertones. It has a creamy satin finish, great color pay off and it’s easy to blend.

#FIERCE… this is a must have. I’ve never seen another color like it. The closest thing that I can think of is MUG STEAMPUNK. But with the volume turned way up. It looks burgundy in the pan but you apply it, it seems to have a dark base with strong copper reflects. This color will look great on brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes… you name it.

NODUS and ILLUSION are like sisters. They’re both cranberry colors but NODUS is deeper and more muted. ILLUSION is lighter and brighter.

#BYEFELICIA is another must have. It’s a gorgeous rust color but what I like most about it is the finish. It looks like a satin in the pan and it has the ease of a satin application but on the skin it appears matte. I feel like people are scared of satins because they think crease colors must be completely matte. But satins are easier to blend and more forgiving on the eyes. And this one barely has any detectable shimmer once you apply it. 
I honestly think you should get all 5 of these but if I had to narrow it down, you absolutely need PARAMOUR, FIERCE and BYEFELICIA. But NODUS and ILLUSION are gorgeous too and I don’t think you’d regret buying both of them as well.

More pinks! Not sure if I mentioned yet that all of her shadows and highlighters are available in multiple pan sizes ranging from the standard 26mm eyeshadow size ($5) to the gigantic 57mm highlighter pans ($20). IMMORTALITY and ZION can both be used as shadows or highlighters and they both have white bases. IMMORTALITY has a cool toned pink shift and it’s a great dupe for MAC PINK OPAL. ZION has a peachy red shift.

TEMPT is a metallic pink with lavender undertones.

EMPRESS is a pink and gold duochrome very similar to MAC ROSE PIGMENT.

ANGEL is a pale peachy pink.

PENELOPE is matte dusty pink.
It’s hard to choose favorites from this set because I like them all but so far I’ve gotten the most use out of TEMPT and EMPRESS. 

One of the things that I love about DEVINAH is that she doesn’t do much limited edition stuff, in fact she’s getting ready to release her first ever LE highlighter this week (January 11). She also does a great job of keeping her website well stocked. So if you see something that you like? Chances are it will be available to purchase.

Okay so these a few of her metal toned shadows. AMBROSIA is a deep reddish bronze. 

KITH is a light, warm golden bronze. ORACLE is light, very peachy bronze. 

ERRATIC is a light, taupey bronze with silver shimmer.
I really like all four of these colors but my absolute, can’t live without, favorite  is ORACLE. It’s actually one of my favs from her whole collection. 

A lot of these colors remind me of the MUG FOILED SHADOWS. ANUBIS is a bright olive green. It’s similar to MUG JESTER.

NEFERTITI is a bright antique gold, similar to MUG FORTUNE TELLER.

CLEOPATRA is reddish copper with a metallic finish. It’s similar to FLAMETHROWER.

DAYBREAK is a warm bronze with gold shimmer. It reminds me of MAC WOODWINKED. 

WHIMSY is bright, yellow gold.

Out of these five, I’ve gotten the most use out of DAYBREAK and CLEOPATRA. DAYBREAK is such a beautiful color. It has the prettiest gold shimmer. And CLEOPATRA looks like liquid molten copper.

DEVINAH has soooo many purples, reds and pinks. This is a match made in heaven for me as these are my favorite colors for eye makeup. 
ROYAL is a deep smokey purple. I love colors like this as an alternative to black.

STARLET is a deep reddish purple. This color is phenomenal on brown eyes. 
LUST is a favorite of mine. It’s medium violet with pinkish red shimmer.

And of course, I love CHARMED. It’s a pinky purple with a blue shift. It’s  similar to UD TONIC and MUG BLACKLIGHT but brighter with more pink and a little less blue. 

ARIA and VIXEN are matte purples. ARIA is cooler and VIXEN is more of a fuchsia purple. Matte purples like these are notoriously difficult and nearly every brand struggles with them. DEVINAH did a good job with these two. They’re pigmented and not patchy but I did layer these swatches twice to reach the opacity that I wanted. They both build really nicely. I think that VIXEN performs a little bit better but ARIA isn’t bad by any means. 

Out of these 6 my favorites are VIXEN, LUST and CHARMED. 

UTOPIAN is a deep olive green. It’s a great dupe for MUG TAKE TWO foiled shadow.

CHROME is a smokey bluish silver with a metallic finish.

ROCKSTAR is blue brown duochrome with more blue than brown.PHALANX is mixture of glittery silver and gold pigments. It has larger pigment particles than most of her shadows so I’d recommend using it wet or with a glitter adhesive to prevent fallout. But it’s a beautiful color and well worth taking the extra step.

SINCER is shimmery gold with a green shift. SMARTIES is a pastel blue with a hint of green. It’s very soft without being powdery but you need to be light handed because it’s easy to pick up too much product.

Out of these 6, my favorites are ROCKSTAR, UTOPIAN and PHALANX. Actually I like SINCER a lot too…

Greens! Okay so let’s start with the four that are somewhat similar… MERMAID, SPECTRAL, CHIMERICAL and ODIUM.

ODIUM is the an emerald green and the darkest of bunch. CHIMERICAL is the lightest and brightest. MERMAID and SPECTRAL are both medium greens. MERMAID has blue undertones and SPECTRAL has yellow undertones.

SAINT is a cross between a pale yellow gold and a bright lime green. DELIRIUM has a white base with a cool green shift. MIRANDA is a light forest green matte.

My favorites from this set are CHIMERICAL, DELIRIUM and ODIUM. 

SPIN DRIFT and BLUSTER are pretty similar.

They’re both dark metallic blues. BLUSTER is a little brighter and SPIN DRIFT pulls a little more purple. 

DABSTER is dark metallic gray perfect for smoky eyes. CUPID is a metallic baby blue. 

VERIFY and FENELLA are also in the same family. They’re both light matte blues. VERIFY is a baby blue. FENELLA is a few shades darker and a little bit more gray. 
That’s it on the eyeshadows for now! I’m going to try and get all of the pinks and reds done before valentine’s day!

Now let’s get started on the highlighters!


THETIS is one of her marbled highlighters. It comes in 3 different sizes and is priced accordingly. It’s a mixture of lavender, blue, pale green and gold. The whole thing is shimmery  but the gold shimmer is more prominent. Swatched heavily (or packed on the eyelid) it’s pale lavender with gold shimmer. As a highlighter, it’s hard to tell what color it is. The gold shimmer is obvious but the base color looks like just a hint of purple or blue. It’s really a gorgeous color!

OPAL has deep pinky beige base with an iridescent blue shift. 

ROLO is purplish taupe with a pink shift. It also looks like it has a hint of blue when it’s applied lightly. It’s a little dark for me to highlight with but I absolutely love it as an eyeshadow.

I don’t even know how to describe MOON KISS. It’s like a mixture of platinum and gray. On the cheekbones it’s a silvery champagne. I don’t think I have another highlighter like it. 

WICKED has an ivory base with cool lavender reflects. The other day I used WICKED to smoke out black liner on the lower lash line and it made a really vibrant royal blue.  MOON KISS is the only one that I’ve actually used as highlighter. The other 3 having been serving as gigantic eyeshadows. My favorite out of this set is ROLO. It’s one of those colors that you need to see in person to fully appreciate. 

DEVINAH highlighters are sold in pan form and are available in 3 different sizes: 36mm- $12, 44mm- $16, 57mm- $20. If you use our discount code: BEAUTYCULT they come down to $9.60, $12.80 and $16.

I previously did a separate blog post with tons of pics for these four highlighters that I encourage you to look at. These are hands down some of the best duochromes that I’ve ever seen!

IRIDESSA has a white base with turquoise shimmer. It shifts to baby blue, pink and lavender. And it’s a nearly perfectly dupe for MUG MOON PHASE. 

COSMA shifts mainly between gold and green but if you look at some the swatches, you can see a hint of red depending on the lighting and angle.

MARINA has a strong pink shift and a more subtle green shift. It also looks slightly blue in some of the pics.

NIXIE has a silvery base with strong green and more subtle pink reflects. It also has a bit of a blue shift as well. 

These three highlighters are sisters from the same ‘white base with yellow gold reflects’ family. ROYCE is the sexy girl next door of highlighters. She has tons of gold shimmer without being glittery.

YAS is the party girl of the family. She has all of gold shimmer of ROYCE plus a little bit of glitter as well.

And OMG… that bitch is just extra! OMG is crazy dramatic, volume turned up to 11, glitter bomb madness. And you already know that I love her wild ass. 

Tbh it is probably a wee bit too much for me to highlight with… because I’m old. But I love it as an inner corner highlight. And if I ever actually went out at night I would totally rock it. It would also be really pretty dusted on the shoulders or decolletage. I actually really like wearing ROYCE with a just a hint of YAS for extra sparkle.

That’s it for now! I’d say that is about 60% of DEVINAH’S products. I’m going to get to started on the next portion and I’ll add to this post when I’m finished!



  1. I swear she has some magical ingredient that no one else knows about to be able to make such unbelievably gorgeous products on a consistent basis… And those duo chrome highlighters are like something you’d see at a disco party with a black light – INCREDIBLE!!!! Of course, at 45 yrs old I’ll never wear these shades, but if ever we can go back in time, I’m clutching onto DeAndra, Angela and Emma – making sure I’ve got great products and bomb ass muas to teach me the ways 😘😘😘


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