Jouer Ice mini highlighter 

First let’s get the details out of the way. This is a MINI highliter- it’s 2g and costs $19 (I had a 15% code from somewhere and it came to $16.15 plus shipping). The regular one has 4.5g. So basically it’s like buying a shadow sized highlighter which I’m fine with because this would be a good on the go for a party or whatever. It even comes with a mirror in a tiny metallic compact. I like small sized Cosmetics cause I carry makeup with me for retouching of myself and others (yes. I’m the bitch that will highlight your face at a party if you appear to be not glowing enough, don’t test me). 


When I got it I immediately said I wished this was bigger! The shade is a perfect subdued silver gold. I thought this would be a silver highlighter given the few swatches that were there before looked silver. It’s got a lot of dimension and it’s far from a simple silver highlighter. It’s a white gold and it’s closer to Urban Decay’s sin highlighter than to a standard silver gold. Am I making sense here?

It’s got a nice shift, see this picture of the pan after I swatched it, the low light gives you a better glimpse at it 

And here I compared to ColourPop’s Flexitarian which is a silver gold – just for your reference 

Overall, I feel they should rerelease it in full size since this is a pretty one and as much as I have a love hate relationship with Jouer (love their highlighters. Hate their website. Meh about their lippies..) this one was a hit and I am already thinking what should I compare it with!?!? 

Drop me a line with your suggestions,




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