ColourPop Match Made in Heaven – Matte X and Liner release

A few days ago there was a voting done on the ColourPop website on the possibility of bringing the most loved Ultra Matte Lip shades into liners and Matte X (I voted Wild Nothing.. ), we should’ve known that they planned on releasing them all because – how could they not! my lips are content! I love the Matte X formula and I’m honestly tired of liquid matte anything (any brand! I’m done! get it over with! finito!)

I did a big swatch on the IG Story timeline but it’ll just up for a day… sigh… however: fret not cause I have all the stills and Angela and I are starting a YouTube – basically for swatches so they can be searchable because right now when you upload video to IG it diminishes the quality and you can’t really search for it unless you know which hashtag its under etc..  so thats coming – go subscribe here!

Swatches in all different angles and lighting! I did not have time to add the names on everything so follow this guide!

And the Browns and reds:


The names are different and for a limited time if you buy both liner and matte X- you get a mini MATTE LIPS.  

I’m keeping this short and sweet! I should have comparisons this weekend alomg w lip swatches! 

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