So I’m just going to be upfront with you guys… this post may be hazardous to your wallet’s health… My girl is seriously murdering the game! The stuff I’m posting today can compete with (and destroy) pretty much any huge brand out there. I mean look at these damn colors! Fuck! Okay I’m getting ahead of myself, as per usual. 

These are Beauty Escape Cosmetics loose PEARL PIGMENTS. They’re slightly more chunky pigments (think inglot) that come in tall jars with shifters. From left to right we have: MARSHMALLOW PIE, L.S.D., OCTOPUSES GARDEN (love that name), LORETTA and KALEIDOSCOPE EYES. They’re swatched with her mixing medium. I just shook a little bit of product out onto a hand palette, added a few drops of the mixing medium, stirred them together with a stiff brush and then basically painted the swatches on. You could also use a setting spray or glitter adhesive. They’re $7.50 and the code: BEAUTYCULT (NOT an affiliate code) will save you an additional 15%. 

MARSHMALLOW PIE is a pearly white with a strong pink duochrome. It’s similar to MAC REFLECTS TRANSPARENT PINK GLITTER.

L.S.D. (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) is a deep blue with purple and bright blue reflects. 

OCTOPUSES GARDEN reminds me a lot of URBAN DECAY SOLSTICE but way more magically. It’s pinkish purple with a heavy teal shift.

LORETTA is all shades of plum wrapped into one with a sprinkling of gold shimmer on top.

KALEIDOSCOPE EYES has a pinky lavender duochrome base with bright lime glitter. 

And here’s a few more pics just cuz these guys are incredible!

I highly recommend these PEARL PIGMENTS! They’re such unusual,beautiful colors and they’re extremely affordable at only $7.50 (don’t forget to add the discount code: BEAUTYCULT to knock off an additional 15%).

My top pics are OCTOPUSES GARDEN and KALEIDOSCOPE EYES due to how unique the colors are but I’ve actually used LORETTA and MARSHMALLOW PIE several times already. And I love them. You can use these dry but they be much less messy if you foil them.


Nerd alert! STAR WARS inspired makeup! So I have a confession to make… I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie. Boo! Hiss! Sorry guys. I’ve got the same attention span as your average goldfish. But I can still appreciate the beauty of this collection! The ROGUE ONE COLLECTION consists of four loose eyeshadows, that are 3g a piece and priced at $6.50 (they’re sold separately). They’re packaged in 5g jars without shifters. But fear not, the shifters aren’t necessary. The jars aren’t filled to the very top to prevent messes and loss of product. And these aren’t messy pigments that get everywhere every time you open the jar. They’re more finely milled than the pearls and will stick to the skin without fix + or glitter glue. But of course you could still use those things for a more dramatic foiled look.


These pigments are very easy to work with so don’t be intimidated! I’m especially digging GALACTIC EMPIRE (even if I have no idea what it means) which is a beautiful royal blue.

CHOSEN ONE is in between aqua and seafoam green.

ROGUE ONE and PHASMA are both in the silver family. ROGUE ONE is deeper gray shade and PHASMA is a lighter brighter platinum.

And now we’re on to the fun part… GLITTER! Get ready ya’ll because I’ve got sooooo much glitter to show you guys. I adore wearing glitter but it’s such a bitch to swatch. For these swatches I used BEC’S mixing medium. I squeezed some out onto a hand palette and the painted it on my arm with a brush and then (this is key here) I waited about 30 seconds before applying the glitter on top. The glitter will adhere much better if you allow whatever medium you’re using to become tacky. 

A few weeks ago BEC quietly released 10 bomb ass glitters! They come in 5 gram jars with shifters and they’re only $5! Very reasonable. They have holiday themed names but they are permanent items. SILVER BELLS is pure silver. It’s so metallic that it almost looks wet. It was actually pretty hard to photograph because of how reflective it is. 

SILENT NIGHT is a dark navy blue. OCC has a similar glitter that I swatched recently.

 WINTER WONDERLAND is a crystal glitter with rainbow holographic reflects. 

MISTLETOE is basically Christmas in glitter form. It’s a pretty even mix of red and green but I think the green is more prominent somehow. Or maybe I’m still drunk.

 And last but sure as shit not least… THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! This one is so dope! It’s all shades of pink and purple but also teal and a dash of silver giving it a reflective quality.

So I’d say that you definitely need THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. I think WINTER WONDERLAND is a the most versatile. It’s on the sheer side so you can layer it over any color for a holographic effect. SILVER BELLS is also really cool. It has to be one of the most shiny glitters I’ve ever seen. And MISTLETOE is also really cool but pretty specific for the holiday season, IMO.

As I said previously, these GLITTERS come in 5g jars with shifters and they’re only $5 each. 

SLEIGH BELLS is an ultra metallic white gold. You could pair this glitter with basically any eye look and it would look great. 

SITTING BY THE FIREPLACE is mostly red and gold with a little bit of green and some other colors mixed in.

ORNAMENT is a bright coral pink with a green and gold duochrome.

 OPEN FIRE is mostly red with a little bit of gold.

 POINSETTIA is a bright cherry red. 

I’m kinda digging all five of the warm colors. You definitely need ORNAMENT. That’s a must have. And I really love OPEN FIRE and POINSETTIA too. And as always use caution when applying glitter around your eyes. BEC also sent over some lip products (a few glosses, a scrub, a few different types of balms etc) which I’ll be showing you guys once I get caught up on my other reviews. I’m also going to be re-swatching my entire BEC shadow and highlighter collection so that all the swatches are in one place for easy reference. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all of these beautiful swatches and that you’ll purchase from BEAUTY ESCAPE COSMETICS in the future and hopefully love her products as much as I do!

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