The TOO FACED SWEET PEACH palette retailes for $49 and is currently available on their website as well as at SEPHORAULTA and a number of other retailers. I originally got this palette back when it was first released in the spring of last year. And although I do think it’s a pretty palette, I’m not all that impressed with the quality. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other but most people seem to either love this palette or hate it. If you’re attracted to the color scheme and don’t already own a slew of similar shades, then I say go for it! But if there’s only a few shades that you’re interested in, hopefully I can help you out with that. Conversely if you already own the palette, then this post will probably be interesting to you as well! 

The above photo is the top row of the palette swatched next to the best dupe that I could find. Next we’ll go through each shade, one at a time.

 The first shade in the palette is WHITE PEACH. It’s an off white color with a satin finish. And for me the color pay off is pretty crappy. I swatched three similar shades: COLOURPOP GLOW, URBAN DECAY STRANGE  (NAKED 3 PALETTE) and ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS VANILLA (found in the AMREZY PALETTE and sold individually) but really there’s tons of dupes for this shade. Anything off white with a subtle sheen will do just fine. 

Shade number two is LUSCIOUS, a light rosey copper. NATASHA DENONA BELLATRIX (STAR PALETTE) is warmer and more coppery. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS SATEEN is slightly lighter. STROBE COSMETICS CONJOINED (save 20% with the non-affiliate code: TANNER) was the closest dupe that I could find. I can barely tell the difference between them. LUSCIOUS has a nice texture and formula but I find CONJOINED to be longer lasting. 

JUST PEACHY is one of the few true peach shades in the palette. It’s a bright coral pink with gold shimmer. Most brands have a similar shade. As far as I can tell, JARDIN from TOO FACED’S (no longer available) ALA MODE palette, is the exact same color. MAC PARADISCO and URBAN DECAY FREELOVE are also very similar. PARADISCO is a little lighter and FREELOVE is a little more apricot but they’re close enough that either would be a reasonable substitute. SUGARPILL KITTEN PARADE, ABH CHINA ROSE and MAKEUP GEEK COSMOPOLITAN are also comparable. JUST PEACHY is a pretty color but I’m not especially impressed with the pigmentation.

BLESS YOUR HEART is brownish olive green with a metallic finish. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CHIFFON is darker and more brown. VIOLET VOSS BLISS is in their DRENCHED METAL palette. It’s a little lighter and more green and unfortunately it’s not sold individually. MAC SUMPTUOUS OLIVE is darker.

TEMPTING is a creamy black with bronze shimmer. This is one of my favorite formulas in the palette. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DARK CHOCOLATE SHIMMER is a little more brown. MAC SMUT is lighter. MAKEUP GEEK STEAMPUNK has a stronger bronze overlay. 

CHARMED, I’M SURE is a dark brown matte with cool slightly plum undertones. LOOXI FIGGY (save 10% with the affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT10) is a little darker and warmer. MAKEUP GEEK BROWNIE POINTS is lighter and cooler. MAC CORDUROY is lighter. 
I don’t know that any of these are exact dupes but I think all of them are close enough to give you a similar look. 

NECTAR is frosty yellowish beige and it’s (what I would consider to be) an exact color dupe for MAKEUP GEEK RAPUNZEL. I prefer the formula of the MUG shadow. It’s one of my favorite brow bone highlights.


COBBLER is warm coppery bronze with a metallic finish. MAKEUP GEEK LUCKY PENNY is not quite as warm but I find it to be much softer and more pigmented. ABH HOT & COLD (SELF MADE PALETTE) and VIOLET VOSS BAT MY EYES (HOLY GRAIL PALETTE) are almost perfect dupes for each other. They’re slightly warmer than COBBLER. 

CANDIED PEACH is a bright orangey coral. It has a smattering of violet glitter which doesn’t adhere to the skin. MAKEUP GEEK POPPY is a bit more red and completely matte. It also has far superior color pay off, IMO. MAC CORAL is slightly more orange. SUGARPILL SUBURBIA is lighter and more pink. 

BELLINI is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. I found two dupes that I’d consider to be nearly exact. The first is PEGASUS from BEAUTY ESCAPE COSMETICS. We have a non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT which will save you 15%. BUXOM GLITZ FACTOR is also a great dupe. JUVIA’S PLACE CARLOTA (SAVE 10% WITH THE AFFILIATE CODE: BEAUTYCULT) is lighter and more pink but it also more creamy and pigmented. And you get a huge pan for only $5.

PEACH PIT is dark metallic brown with plum undertones . MAKEUP GEEK BROWN SUGAR is lighter and more red. ABH TRUFFLE is lighter and a little more warm. COASTAL SCENTS RICH WALNUT is slightly lighter and more red.


DELECTABLE is deep blackened eggplant with a satin finish. I find it to be patchy and difficult to blend. MORPHE BLACKBERRY is nearly the exact same color, maybe slightly more burgundy. ABH AUBERGINE is a little lighter and more shimmery. I also find it to be much easier to work with. My fourth dupe is LOVE ME also from MORPHE. It’s more red and shimmery.

ROW 3:

PEACHES ‘N CREAM is a pale peach matte. I find the formula to be dry and the pigmentation to be a little lacking. Any light peach or warm cream shade could be used as a substitute. I chose ABH CREAM and SOFT PEACH as well as my trusty MAKEUP GEEK BEACHES AND CREAM which you can see is on its last legs. These swatches are almost the exact same color as my skin so they’re not showing up very well.

GEORGIA is light coral peach matte. My first choice for a dupe was MAKEUP GEEK SORBET it’s also a pastel peachy pink but it’s a shade lighter than GEORGIA. Also similar are NATASHA DENONA VEGA (STAR PALETTE) and LORAC NECTAR (PRO 2 PALETTE)

CARAMELIZED is warm metallic bronze. JUVIA’S PLACE NIA (BEAUTYCULT to save 10%) is very similar just slightly less red. CARAMELIZED is also a little bit more red than COASTAL SCENTS CHAI SPICE and TOO FACED PEANUT BUTTER CUP (PB&J PALETTE) but besides that any of the three would be an adequate substitute.

PUREE is medium fawn brown with a  matte finish and orange undertones. MAKEUP GEEK TAN LINES is a shade lighter. MAC SADDLE is a shade darker.

SUMMER YUM is a very warm red brown matte. MAKEUP GEEK COCOA BEAR is just a hair darker. MAC BROWN SCRIPT might be slightly more orange. Actually I think ABH SIENNA might be the closest dupe.

TALK DERBY TO ME is blackened purple with purple glitter. It applies really patchy. I ended doing this swatch wet so that I could better determine the closest dupe. On bare skin it just looked like a smudgy black. The closest option that I found is COLOURPOP ENVY. It’s a little more purple and a lot more sparkly and has much nicer pigmentation. URBAN DECAY BLACKHEART  (NAKED 3) and MAC BEAUTY MARKED are slightly more burgundy. 

And that concludes our dupes for all 18 shades! So do I recommend this palette? Eh… not really. It’s not bad. The colors are pretty and it smells yummy but I’ve seen these colors time and time again. But if your collection is lacking these shades then I think you’ll be happy with the palette and the variety of looks you can create using it. I feel like maybe I’ve outgrown TOO FACED, which is a shame because I loved them when I was younger. Que Sera, Sera… All I know is that I’ve been messing with this palette for 4 days straight and I’d like to not look at it again for at least a month!


  1. I’ve been really, REALLY aching to own this palette (Instagram will do that to a person). Especially since I don’t possess a single TooFaced palette, not one! 😔 However, thanks to your blog and IG posts, I’m able to make better decisions about what I “need” vs what I want based on all the hype a product, palette, relaunched LE shade, etc creates on social media – specifically Instagram. After reading this post for the 2nd, possibly 3rd time, I am no longer “dying to own” this peach palette. I either have some of the dupes or actually prefer the dupes you have shown here over what’s included in the palette. *I hope this makes sense lol* So, anyway, I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for all of the time and effort that you, Angela and Em, put into your IG stories, this blog and your new YouTube channel. Although I have bought more makeup in the past year and a half than a lot of people think is reasonable, you two beauties have also saved me more money than I think I’ve spent. For that, I’m a devoted and loyal follower for life!! XOXO ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤


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