OFRA Cosmetics Highlighters – swatches, review and discounts

Hey Guys!!!! Been dying of the flu here, so my posting has diminished, as it has my face coloring, appetite.. Will to lift my head off my bed.. My one dog tried bringing a dead mouse inside and I solemnly grabbed it and chucked it into the woods, without any worry cause my nose picked up nothing. I’m basically a zombie.

Back to biz tho!

When Ofra Cosmetics dropped highlighters a few months ago, I slowly purchased all of them, out of FOMO, out of peer pressure, out of addiction.. Yes we are affiliated with Ofra so we get some commission out of the usage of the code BEAUTYCULT (30% DISCOUNT) but you don’t have to use it, but it does support the blog if you do. That said: as always, we purchased this ourselves, and the opinions are also honest and truthful. I will never recommend some stuff just to make a buck off ya.

Pic before my paws got in and did the deed:

That out of the way, the initial one that dropped was Rodeo Drive, it is a pretty gold and the texture is very fine and buttery, it takes very little of it to make a statement and I do like it but: I think I have probably 4 shades similar to this (Looxi “Honeychild” and “Bombshell” fall in between, Laura Geller has a dupe, my old trusty Mac Whisper of Gilt is similar, less yellow; Colourpop Wisp.. I feel if you have been into makeup this year and have purchased a good gold you like, stick to it. I love highlighters, I hoard collect them and try to use every single one of them maybe out of guilt, but on the face they mostly look the same with the difference being the amount of glitter/sheen, the chunkier this glitter is and the actual formula. Now that I mention it, I did like the formula, its got very small glitter particles so it’s not over the top but it is build able.

The most recent one that dropped was Blissful and this was a gorgeous rose gold that I’m glad was released outside of that weird bundle (sorry, but I don’t ever approve of bundles since most always I end up gifting half of it).

Left is Blissful, Right is Rodeo Drive


Now, somewhere along the way I got myself ” Beverly Hills”  this is the pinwheel one with all the pretty colors.. its got a shimmery peach, a bronze, a light beish, a champagne gold, a rose gold and a silver.. mixed together it’s a gorgeous bronze gold and you can def pick certain shades and blend at your disposal – I feel the bronze is so strong that you have to carefully swirl around that one or it will dominate the shade.

This is the pinwheel of “Beverly Hills” swirled together:

enough talk, full swatches: 

Now, check out all these dif angles and lighting of the same pic above 


If you only have a want to pick one, go with Beverly Hills, I feel this has such a range that you can work with your skin tone and even separate it as such to do: highlighter/blush/bronzer with it.  I did live swatches of these on my IG story sometime ago but if you need more just let me know! These are gorg in action.  Just remember I have now used them so the pattern is a bit rubbed off in the center!!!! 

Anyway, catch ya later. I’m working on a ton of blog posts of things I’ve been testing over the holidays so expect your eyes to go blind w all the shimmery stuff.  




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