DOSE OF COLORS “Gold is the New Black” highlighter. Swatches, review and dupe. 

Bam! I don’t play. This stuff released and I checked out quicker than flash. Shipping was quick too and the highlighter came in a black box with pretty gold accents depicting this as the second coming of the “Gold highlighter”.  

The casing itself is a sturdy black casing with a mirror, the inside powder has a pattern reminiscent of the Givenchy compacts. Now: the powder itself is not really gold, it’s more of a light bronze gold and I hear the collective voice of my darker skinned girls and bois scream in glee because this was clearly catered to the melanin rich; that said I was dissapointed. 

I’ll tell you why: I love DOC, I have their previous shadow palettes and I felt their formula on this was greAt: pigmented, buildable to a blinding level but the shade was just meh!  It is a very standard and safe shade of gold and on the sea of highlighters this fails to stand out on any level.  Making this an easily dupeable shade. 

Here are some comparisons 

So much hype over this and I feel It’s your standard gold shade.  Looxi’s Bombshell highlighter is a very close dupe (code BEAUTYCULT10) gets you 10% off.  Don’t get me wrong: it’s a gorgeous highlighter, it’s an amazing formula but this has been done. 

Disclosures: I bought this. 




  1. This looks gorgeous! I’m glad it’s not overly shimmery. I have nothing else that looks like this and I think I’m going to love it.


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