Pur Cosmetics “The Perfect MATTE” set 

i received this @purcosmetics set from @octoly free for review but my thoughts are my own and 100% honest and true to the best of my snark. The deets: this set has 4 shades and a lip oil, you use the lip oil as a base or as a topper to make them glossy or slightly to revive the color. 

The good: these are very comfy on the lips, they behave more like a classic lipstick than a matte. the lip oil is everything and i suspect I will run out of this soon. The side selection is pretty basic making this an excellent gift: nude, pink, red and plum. Each have a tiny little bling on the wand cap which is a cute accent. The lip oil applied over the shades makes them very vibrant. 

The McMeh: the shade selection is pretty basic, and with the shade selection on my current drawer i will prob won’t reach for these. There is some transfer so if you are a purist that wants Mattes to stay rigid on your lips, these aren’t it. they move a little but that said: they don’t kill your lips. the lip oil is a bit tacky feeling and will make the lippies a bit sticky. 

Conclusion: nice formula but i wish the shade selection was a bit more out there as these will prob get lost on my current stash.. 

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