Holiday coppers and their friends – a quick selection

So this is going to be a short one, basically I went nuts getting Sugarpill PUMPKIN SPICE when it came out without realizing I had it already in the shape of one Makeup Geek Flamethrower but in the process I ended up unearthing some of my fav shades back into rotation which was a fun deal since my makeup stash gets overwhelming to sort through.  

LETS talk about this shall we!? 

Looxi SPACE CASE and JUNO are part of the new auroras DROPPING 12/30! So my post on these is next but I had to share these as part of my faves because space case has a gold sheen that makes it a copper pairing friendly shade. JUNO IS a brown with gold and pink sparkles also earning its place on my list of holidayish shades. When they drop use code BEAUTYCULT10 for 10% off your stash, and you’re going to need it since there’s so many pretties on that collection. 

SAUCEBOX winter wish collection was restocked too and the Browns on that set are gorgeous and buttery. You can just blend this on your eye and highlight the inner corner for a quick holiday eye. Use code SAUCECULT10 for a 10% discount on that too! 

MUG FLAMETHROWER like we said, it’s an oldie but a goodie and a perfect match to SUGARPILL’s PUMPKIN SPICE. 

LOOXI MAPLE: i cannot stress how beautiful and finely milled this MATTE is. Looxi pulled all the stops on the fall shades and the mattes there are a delicious treat. 

ColourPop GAME FACE, SEQUIN and HOT TAMALE: these are shades that should be on your stash, the first two are OG shades that started with the company and the latter is a repromote that just got restocked: a deep shade of brown with copper sparkle. 

Do you have any of these? What other similar shades do you have on your stash!?

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