ColourPop Cosmetics x Amanda Steele collaboration – swatches and overview 

First off, it drops 12/26 at 10am PST so you might be late reading this on this blog, for the next time: subscribe so you get this on your email as we post. 

You want to see the palette and the goods. I took pictures after I used and abused the hell out of these because I totes forgot to take pretty pics and because hell, now you know I really did use them all this weekend. 

Let’s get the palette out of the way:

Quick swatches up close of the WEEKEND WARRIOR PALETTE. Collab with @amandasteele and this is the first shadow palette by #colourpopcosmetics so naturally I was every curious and therefore scrutinized the hell out of it. I used it all weekend to test durability, blendability etc. First off the packaging is really sturdy it doesn’t feel cheap even as it’s cardboard. It’s only $18 so I like that they stuck to the prices we love ColourPop for, as my friend Adelina (@mimera929 on Ig) discovered you can open it and take the insert out to reveal a magnetic palette that you can put other pans on too (here’s to hoping powder pans are in the works). The shades were a refreshing choice during this pst years addiction to reds and browns and berries, it’s a very “couture” shade selection, not following the trend of neutrals and it appeals to darker smokey styles and winterized wardrobes. The shades themselves can be paired up for quicker looks (the plum with the light shade, the teal with the gray.. the grays layers up beautifully as an unexpected blending shade that you can also use on top of the darker shades to soften.. they blend pretty well, they applied pretty well (these swatches are 3 swipes with the CP flat shader brush) my only caveat was durability: after 3 hours(ish) of a smokey eye i applied over primer, the shades were somewhat muddy and patchy after a bit. I’ll confess I’ve been putting a lot of different oil type of serums on my face so maybe these are not to be applied over oily lids or perhaps a better primer? I’ll ask the ColourPop honchos for recommendations on what to apply them over. 

The lower part of my arm is stained w some other stuff I was swatching. This the life I chose. 
The single shadows are all very metallic and glittery, cute as toppers but somehow they were hard to blend with the mattes from the palette, so instead I patted where I wanted them and blended the edges and THATS IT. 

STEELE: this is marked as a metallic but it’s more of an ultra glitter, it’s very sheer and it’s the glitter form of puppy love. It’s very similar in the pan only that it has more violet shimmers while Puppy has peachy pink. 

IGNITION is very pigmented reminds me a bit of DADDY (rip! Baby come back!) with lots of pretty glitter and a metallic finish. 

HYDROPLANE is listed as a ultra glitter but this is very pigmented and we have plenty of similar dark teals we will compare this to, but the micro glitters in pink are what takes this to the other edge of the planet.  

More pics, angles etc below: 

HACK is the #ultraglossylip part of the Amanda Steele collection, it’s a peachy pinkish shade with lots of pink and gold glitter. Kinda like NARS Orgasm but less peach. It’s cute as sin. 

JIFFY is an ultra satin; a very pale nude and as much as I love nudes, I feel I wasn’t as impressed.  I gotta compare it to things..

CHAPS ultra matte lip – the final lippy from the collaboration with @amandasteele 

The formula on this was pretty even, I did use a lip balm underneath because my lips are super dry because of the person I am that doesn’t drink enough water and tests 5-6 lippies a day for kicks.. it’s a shade in between GUESS and BE-DAZZLED – almost a son of the two.

More pics of that:

After 2 hours wear I got some wear inside of the lips but it didn’t separate. 



🖤the palette. If anything out of curiosity and because you always need great cool toned smokey shades.

🖤CHAPS: it’s a GORG purple!! 


💛IGNITION: if you’re into glittery pastels, this is a GORG shade to use as a topper 

💛 HACK: you might have other pink and peach glitter glosses in your stash but this shade is actually super creamy 

💔 JiFFy: it didn’t impress me, even as a satin and I love satins and must have them all, it didn’t wow me as a nude and I feel I will find dupes galore. 

💔STEELE: it was a cute concept but it’s very sheer and I suspect is mislabeled as a metallic when it’s really an ultra glitter..

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