Tada! Thee winter BEAUTYCON BOX curated by none other than the lovely, DULCE CANDY! 

How adorable is she??

The BEAUTYCON BOX is $29 seasonally and you can use the code POPCULTWINTER to save $5. And new subscribers get a free bonus box! This is my second time getting the box and I’m super impressed! Here’s what they included…

SKINVOLVE BODY KARATE CREAM ($40)- this a lotion with caffeine and argan oil that’s supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You know what else reduces the appearance of cellulite? Clean eating and mother-effin deadlifts. I think these lotions are bullshit. Little known fact: I’m super into crossfit but I wear a big rubberband around my wrist and I snap the shit out of myself whenever I want to talk about it. Snap! No one cares! Snap! Anyway. The lotion smells amazing and I’ll use it. Next!

GARNIER SKINACTIVE MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER ($3.50)- I likey this stuff. I use it as my first step for removing my cake face.

BIOBELLE BOTANIC FIBER FACIAL MASK ($5)- I’m not a fan of sheet masks but whatever. I’ll use it eventually.  

L’ORÉAL PARIS VOLUMINOUS LASH PRIMER ($5)- I love mascara primers and I already started using this one. 

LOREAL PARIS VOLUMINOUS FELINE MASCARA ($8)- I love stiff mascara wands like this one has. Unfortunately the color is black brown instead of black. Snarls. 

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE SOLEIL MATTE BRONZER ($6.85)- this is one of my favorite bronzers. I love the color. Not too warm, not too cool. And it smells like heaven.  

ARTIST COUTURE ‘ILLUMINATI’ DIAMOND GLOW POWDER ($10.60)- this is my first ARTIST COUTURE highlighter. I know these are super popular in social media land but it’s a little too glittery for my liking. 


LUXIE BEAUTY ROSE GOLD TAPERED HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH 522 ($24)- I can never have enough highlighter brushes! LUXIE BRUSHES are kinda hit or miss for me and this one… is a hit! I’ll probably use it more for setting my undereye concealer but it’s soft and I like the shape. 

RIMMEL LONDON THE ONLY 1 SURPRISE LIP COLOR ($7)- meh. I won’t this. To the reject box!

COLOURPOP BEAUTYCON EXCLUSIVE LIPSTICK ($5)- Hooray for COLOURPOP! This color is exclusive to this box and it’s a beautiful peachy nude shade (on my fair skin that is).
They also included a promo code for  $50 of $100 at ALI & JAY. I’ve never heard of this store before but I looked briefly at their website and apparently they sell clothes. I may or may not end up using it. If I don’t, I’ll give it to someone on instagram before it expires on June 1.

The value of this season’s BEAUTYCON BOX is either $139 or $189 depending on whether you include the value of the ALI & JAY coupon. The box is $29 ($24 with the code POPCULTWINTER) so that’s an excellent return either way. I’ll use mostly everything and I’m excited for the CP lippie, the mascaras, the bronzer, the brush and the exfoliator. Really the only thing I won’t use is the RIMMEL lipstick. I can’t wait for the spring box!


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  1. Y’all are so so bad influencers. lol in a good good good way. NOW? I just joined for a year. I was so excited? I forgot to use the damned code you provided! I am sorry that I didn’t use it. I meant to do it. But my fingers did the talking. Not my brain.


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