Kat Von D “Alchemist Palette” INDIE comparisons – dupes. 

Today was fun, I took dragonia to see Santa and she short of almost ripping his beard off and cried over the fact that a stranger wanted a picture w her.. I told her this is practice for her inevitable career in show business.  

Anyway I did these this morning and actually used low light to show better the sheen in these highlighters.   I learnt that from my cohort – Angela lol she Always knows how to take pictures of stuff like this. Anyway: I didn’t add the ColourPop ones because those are glitter with a clear base and these are basically a shimmer over a white base, meant as a light sheer of sheen.  Besides most are sold out right now anyway so I’m not going there (I can hear the comment triggers: but it’s solddddd ouuuuuttt!) so I’m sticking to stuff currently on sale. 

Ang already reviewed this palette Here and has pictures of the packaging etc and she also compared it to Abh Moonchild Palette Here

Now my initial thoughts on this palette, and quick cause this is not a review post: it was a gorg packaging, the shades are pretty but I wasn’t wowed: the indie crew did these shades before and with better formulas.  The only shade I didn’t find a close dupe for was the violet and I blame it on dragonia teething this week (as you can see from my lack of posts, she only wants to live and breathe on my arms). But I’m sure after I post this y’all will be like: phhh compare it to this and that and BAM dupe found. Cause y’all awesome like that and I’m a poor miserable new mom that has no memory or recollection of anything. Love me! Anyway. Um yea pics 

My initial swatch only contained these (and you’ll find discount codes for these at the end, so keep in mind)

Top to bottom: 

Love Luxe Beauty: MERMAID WATER

KVD: GREEN EMERALD (alchemist Palette) 


The Blue in this palette was the one that was a bit harder to compare but mainly cause I personally don’t buy many blue highlighters and this is a teal blue that I would prob never buy myself but If you think of something I will take a hit and buy it to compare it. 

Kvd: blue sapphire 

Looxi: Luna

Vanessa’s Vanity: Cloud 9

I afterwards added Devinah cosmetics to this, which is a tad brighter than the others but nevertheless very close and very much all similar. You have your pick! 

Top to bottom:

Devinah Cosmetics: Cosma

Love Luxe Beauty: MERMAID WATER

KVD: GREEN EMERALD (alchemist Palette) 


Kvd: blue sapphire 

Looxi: Luna

Vanessa’s Vanity: Cloud 9


The Violet shade was gorgeous and maybe my favorite for its uniqueness but yet i challenge you, reader to find a dupe 

Top to bottom: 



Beauty Escape Cosmetics: CYGNUS


FOr the last shade I was only able to find an exact dupe. 




Looxi Beauty: BEAUTYCULT10 (10%)

Beauty escape: BEAUTYCULT (15%)

Love luxe Beauty: COLOURPOPCT(10%)

Devinah Cosmetics:BEAUTYCULT (20%)

Vanessa’s vanity: BEAUTYCULT (10%)

Some of these might be affil, complete list of our discount codes Here

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