Well well well… look what the cat dragged in! It’s the brand spankin’ new AURORA 2 COLLECTION from your girl LOOXI BEAUTY! These will be available on DECEMBER 30TH, 11AM CST! You can buy them individually or also as a bundle. And you can use our affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT10 to save an additional 10%! 

All LOOXI pans are ready to be housed in your favorite magnetic palette and come packaged in sleek black sleeves, emblazoned with the LOOXI logo in gold. The new collection consists of 16 shades and there’s 18 shades from the previous AURORA releases still available on their website, which I’ll be re-swatching for your viewing pleasure before the December 30th release date. Alright enough pussyfooting around. Let’s do the damn thing, shall we??

Dear Jess, I am so proud of you! The way you continue to evolve and continuously improve your brand with every new release never ceases to amaze me! Oh wait this a blog post not a love letter. Sorry. So here’s the first half, the more warm toned colors.

JUNO is deep plum with a burgundy shift. It’s similar to INGLOT 116 PIGMENT.

ROCKIT is bright orangey copper with a red shift. 

ULTRAVIOLET is the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to climb mountains and build monuments in its honor. It’s a bright magenta with a violet and blue shift. It actually reminds me of one of the new inglot pigments, 125 I think. I’ll compare at some point.

 SPACE CASE is my second favorite. It’s a pale coral pink with greenish gold shift.

AURA is a peachy pink with a coppery orange shift. It reminds me of TOPSHOP SHUFFLE THE CARDS. 

PHOENIX is gold with tons of pink glitter and a peachy pink shift. 

All 6 are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait for you guys to try them too! My two favorites are ULTRAVIOLET and SPACE CASE. But I also feel a spiritual connection to JUNO and AURA. Moving on to the blues and greens!

Now I called the first 6 the ‘warm’ half but but most of these colors are fairly warm as well (hooray!). But you cool toned boys and girls fear not, her previous AURORA collections contain a lot of icy shades that we’ll examine later this week!

SLITHER is an antique gold with a heavy green shift and a more subtle bronze shift. It’s similar to INGLOT 84 PIGMENT.

SIREN OF THE SEA is a glittery emerald green with a teal shift. 

TRITON is a pinky beige with tons of blue and green shimmer and an aqua shift. 

PEACHY KEEN is a peachy gold with a green and pink shift. 

STAR BOY is a foiled silver that shifts blue.

AQUARIUS is a seafoam green with gold shimmer that shifts aqua and mint.

It’s so hard to choose favorites here because they’re all so damn beautiful! TRITON is my number one favorite but I also love SLITHER and SIREN OF THE SEA. And PEACHY KEEN. So yeah basically all them. 

This collection drops December 30th at 11am CST! Each shadow is $5 and there will also be an option to buy the whole collection. We’d really appreciate if you used our affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT10 to save an additional 10%. I’m truly blown away by this collection. It’s obvious how much time and energy Jess put into creating each and every one of these shades! I hope you guys enjoy shadows as much as I do! I’ll be swatching the other 18 auroras before the 30th in case you’d like to pick up some of those as well!


  1. These are so STUNNING! I’m definitely going to have to check these out, I always love finding new indie brands to try out for stage and to review!

    Do you use a primer when you swatch? Any specific one, or a variety? Sorry if it’s noted above – the photos were so gorgeous I could barely concentrate on the words! LOL


  2. It just ain’t right. Why couldn’t all of these shadows and cool shit come out when I was 19-40 years old? Ugh. I am so old. I have to do some reviews for some old lady stuff for wrinkles. Maybe it will perform a miracle and I will look half my age. Then I can try some of these glimmering shimmering glittering beauties. *sigh


  3. FIVE DOLLARS? FIVE DOLLARS? For colors with that payoff? Omg I am 54 years old, am allergic to all shadows except Mac & Urban Decay & y’all are totally making me want to buy each and every damn color u blog about. Dammit. UltraViolet makes me.. shall we say.. damp? Omg. I sorta kinda wanna stop reading and LOOKING at yalls beautiful photos and descriptions. Just stop it right nowwww! Devil Temptresses. Satana. I tell you. Argh. Just no. HAHAHAHA I JUST LOVE THIS BLOG. OH MAH GAWD 🙀💋💜


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