Beauty Escape Holiday goodies: loose pearl pigments, Constellations, and other poisons

Beauty Escape Cosmetics dropped loose pearl pigments and they are in mahhh hands! These are loose pigments but they have a special binder of sorts so they’re not a loose messy powder but instead its easier to behave, I swatched these foiled with a brush over @beautyescapecosmetics new eyeshadow primer. The fallout is minimal when used with a primer but there is some transfer if you touch it afterwards, it’s not a glue guys so don’t be petting your eyes afterward I know they’re pretty but hands off. I think these can be layered beautifully with kaleidoscope over lsd or any of the others and interchanging. I like layering pigments for multidimensional looks, also because sparkle is life. . Use code BEAUTYCULT for 15% off (non affil)

Now: all of the pictures and angles for your drooling pleasure. 

Now the loose shadows Ooooooooo my inner geek is giddyyyy!!!!!! You know what these names were inspired on right!? Before there was Harry Potter there was Star Wars so these tickle my inner yoda. Sparkle you must! They are a cute cool toned set of shades – all loose shadows which are not the cup of tea of many as loose shadow require some finesse, however these are easy to work with and to blend out. I applied these with a brush and it didn’t require me to sacrifice a virgin to get a non patchy swatch which is great since loose shadows can be tricky. I have only swatched and not applied yet on my eyes so I will post on the blog my thoughts on application. Use non affil code BEAUTYCULT for 15% off your cart.

She recently added primers and a wetliner medium as well as a jelly style lip balm. It’s cooling and super moisturizing. See how much I’ve used it already? I’m addicted. 

Now what you came for: the new constellations 

Different angles and lighting.  My favorites: Phoenix is the absolute best shade ever! It’s a burnt orange with a red pink shift.  SERPENS has a blue shift over a maroon base. Volans: lavender with gold.  Now: these are great foiled too and  will perform better under a primer. Use code BEAUTYCULT for 15% off.  Code is not affiliate – just savings.  



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