Dr Brandt Power Dose C

The second part of my masking review of today goes to the moisturizing and post-mask regime. I am currently still testing something else (ill post about that eventually) but @octoly also sent me the @drBrandt Power Dose C  (Link to shop at Sephora)– this is a vitamin C serum which anyone over 30 should already be using – it’ll keep your mug elastic and less prone to those early wrinkles. As a disclaimer i received this for free from @octoly but my opinions remain my own. 

The Good: I used this alternatively from my current vitamin C serum, i find that this strengthens the power of my moisturizer and it feels like it seals it. It leaves my skin a little tight in the end but not to be confused with it feeling firmer. I wasn’t comfortable with that so i sprayed my facial mist over it and the feeling went away. Happy Emma. 

The Not so Good: you know i will complain about price here. its costly, $69 for 1/2 ounce however it does have a high content of vitamin C and as you grow older, the skincare you need is going to take more of your coins, however I haven’t been using it long enough to give it a complete vote of confidence. @octoly does require i review these within 21 days but for items like this, i feel we should be able to fully test it at least 1-2 months before putting in our 2c.. as of now, it hasn’t felt abrasive on my sensitive skin which is a plus but i don’t feel my wrinkles smoothed out any more than with my regular less costly vitamin c serum. 

have you tried this brandt? also funny question: what is the most you consider acceptable to spend on skincare? 


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