MAKEUP GEEK ICONIC LIPSTICKS  ‘MATTE FINISH’ ($15 each, $230 for the entire set of 20 and storage box) 

The ICONIC lipsticks come in 2 finishes: MATTE and SHINE. They come in slim line rose- gunmetal tube with color indicators on the tops. There’s 10 of each finish and first we’ll be talking about the mattes.
The finish of these 10 is a velvet matte that long wearing without being drying. ALL SHADES ARE VEGAN 

GULLIBLE- warm muted pink 

PROPER- muted bubblegum pink

LIVELY- plum with pink undertones 

SAVVY- muted medium purple with pink undertones 

VAIN- bright purple with pink undertones 

RARE- cool toned light brown 

QUIRKY- bold orange with red undertones 

FIESTY- bright cool toned red

SAUCY- warm brick red 

RISQUÉ- deep vampy red with berry undertones 

Currently the bundle and the storage box are sold out but all the individual colors are still available. The darker colors, namely RISQUÉ and SAUCY, are a little on the dry side so I’d recommend using a lip balm first. The matte formula wears nicely for hours without fading but it isn’t transfer proof unless you set it. My favorite mattes are the light neutrals and SAUCY.


NAIVE- soft peachy nude 

GIDDY- pinky coral

CLUMSY- warm muted coral 

SHY- soft dusty rose

CANDID- muted rosey brown 

SPOILED- cool toned plum 

ELEGANT- classic pin up red with subtle cool undertones 

WITTY- deep warm brown with red undertones 

OFFBEAT- muted deep taupe 

SHADY- blackened purple with berry undertones 

The shine finish lipsticks aren’t as long wearing as the mattes but they’re very moisturizing and I really like the color selection.

My favs are NAIVE, SHY, CANDID and WITTY. I also really like GIDDY and CLUMSY but not on myself. I love colors like that on other people but they look stupid on me. 

Overall I think MAKEUP GEEK did a great job with this release. I absolutely love the PLUSH CREME formula and the PLUSH MATTES are one of the most comfortable matte liquid lipsticks that I’ve ever tried. A few of the dark colors are a little patchy but that’s my only real constructive criticism. I definitely recommending picking up a few to see if you enjoy the formula as much as I do. I can’t wait for them to come out with more colors and different formulas!



  1. Another great review, thank you!!! I was just wondering ,as I sat and closely looked at all of the beautiful colors on your arm, do you ever have any residual “staining” on your skin? We know how lipsticks can stain our lips for some time, I was wondering if you have ever had any trouble getting the color off of your arm? I know this isn’t really relevant, it’s just curiosity 😉


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