Yesterday I posted my review of the KVD ALCHEMIST  palette and today we’re going to look at how it compares to the ABH MOONCHILD palette.

The ALCHEMIST palette is $32. It contains 4 pans weighing 1.53g for a total weight of 6.12g (4× 1.53= 6.12g). $32 ÷6.12g= $5.23. So you’re paying  $5.23 per gram of product in this palette.

The MOONCHILD palette is $40. It has 6 pans weighing 4.2g each for a total weight of 25.2g. $40 ÷ 25.2g= $1.59. For this palette you’re paying $1.59 per gram of product.

Math lesson over. In conclusion you’re getting a lot more product for a lot less money with the MOONCHILD palette.

So how do the two actually compare? Overall they appear to be quite similar but the MOONCHILD palette is very heavy on the glitter while ALCHEMIST doesn’t have any. Out of the four colors I’m comparing, there’s only one that I’d consider to be an actual dupe.

LUCKY CLOVER is one of two shades in MOONCHILD that’s glitter free (STAR is the other). LUCKY CLOVER and EMERALD are both yellow golds with a lime green shift. Even though they’re not exactly the same, IMO they’re close enough to be considered dupes. 

PINK HEART and OPAL both have white bases with a pink opalescent shift. The colors are very similar but PINK HEART has a dusting of silver glitter, preventing them from being exact dupes.  

PURPLE HORSESHOE is lavender color with blue reflects and silver glitter. AMETHYST has a white base with a bluish purple shift. PURPLE HORSESHOE is darker and glittery.

BLUE ICE is actually pretty similar to AMETHYST (see previous photo) but again it has silver glitter. SAPHYRE is more teal than anything in the MOONCHILD palette.

When you look at all the colors side by side, you can see that 3 out of the 4 shades in the ALCHEMIST are similar to shades in the MOONCHILD palette, the only real difference is the lack of glitter. I think they’re close enough that you don’t need both but which one you choose comes down to how you feel about glitter. MOONCHILD is a much better value but it’s made in PRC (aka CHINA) while ALCHEMIST is made in America. I think MOONCHILD is one of very few ABH products that is made in China. Not sure what’s up with that. Both palettes are 100% cruelty free. I know for certain that KVD is vegan but I’m not certain about ABH. 

Em will working on some indie dupes in the next few days. There are definitely alternatives to this palette from DEVINAH and LOOXI and several other indie brands.



  1. I willl definitely be making a new purchase very soon hehe !! Your post is really amazing and its clear that you put alot of hard work and dedication into it and its really helped me too!
    lots of love,
    katie xx


  2. My understanding is that cosmetics sold in China cannot be 100% cruelty free because that country requires animal testing for all cosmetics. So if ABH is made there, I would be suspicious of a cruelty-free claim.

    Otherwise thanks for the review! It was helpful in making my choice between palettes!


  3. Aren’t the Alchemy pallette shades supposed to used over eyeshadows to change the way they look? The swatches of them over black and brown shadows were awesome but I haven’t seen anything like that for the Moonchild palette so I’m just kind of assuming that because it relys on a metallic base to be reflective they wouldn’t work the same way?


      • I do appreciate the quality of the swatches you did because they showed the glitter in Moonchild and not a lot of other ones I’ve seen are good enough to show that. I would have liked to have seen both Moonchild and Alchemist swatched over other shadows because I haven’t seen Moonchild layered over anything and it seems weird that the two keep getting compared but that aspect keeps getting left out. That and the fact that one’s an eyeshadow palette and one’s a highlighter palette.


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