COLOURPOP x HELLO KITTY – shade expansion, finally some lip swatches for ribbon. 

Hello Colourpop came out a bit ago and there is swatches of the entire line, just in case you just came out of your rock.  

There are two new ultra MATTE lips being added today 12/16 at 10pst – 1pm EST  and i got Early dibs on them so

Los swatches 

milk bottle: a mid toned pink, girly yet safe – it’s not a neon or a dusty pink. Its a cute pink with general appeal.  Reminds me a bit of Doll parts (jeffree star) yes I’m not capitalizing stuff cause I’m typing in a rush.  Also I just had a dm altercation w someone who thinks they can tell me what to advocate for and what not to fight for. 

Anyway Swatches:

The other new shade was MIMMY which is a mid toned creamy grape shade. This was a little bit on the mcPatchy side but I’m not going to rule it as that yet because I was in a rush to swatch and might’ve just had dry lips. I will edit this later on when I actually wear it. I tend to wear each shade 1-2 hours so I can test them but this was a quick swatch for y’all and having a head cold makes me honorary achiever of a medal for the simple fact I even got up my bed. 

Now the grand finale. What you came for!  The lippy we all begged to be released as single. 

It’s the perfect red. It’s the perfect lipstick. It’s just perfect.  Can I be cremated in this? 

Also note my skin is super red.  That’s from removing the other lippies and now I’m super stained cause those are meant to apparently stay on forever and ever.


Ribbon reminds me of a trip I took to Argentina many years ago. By myself. I ended up camping in the Andes with some great girls I met there (and some I knew already). In the middle of the winter, we camped and drank fernet and cocacola, we gallivanted along the camp sites singing and drinking blue curaçao right out of the bottle, flirting with boys with guitars. I had a fever the next day and rode a mule to the ranger station to get a nebulization (I had asthma). I drank house made wine on my way back that some great Goucho men gave me on the road. I completely abused the limits of my body and I was ok with that. Later on that week I came back to town, got dressed, slapped a red lipstick on and sang “WHATS UP” (4non blondes) in a pub hosted karaoke; the crowd cheered and lighters flashed on as my rough off tuned voice crooned about empowerment. I will never sing karaoke again cause I could never top that one day. But I will always have red lipstick. 

Ribbon. Now single. As of today at 10am PST/1pm 

Now in the sun

DROPS today. 
Now, excuse me while I force myself into the shower and dress up cause I don’t want to have to take this off. 




  1. Girl, please come kiss me so I will look that beautiful w a cold. Your lips are gorgeous with all three colors. But that red? Sheesh. Going to ColourPop right damn now. Dammit. Evil Satana temptress💜😍💋


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