DECEMBER 2016 ipsy bag! (em’s bag) 

I haven’t posted my bag in the longest! I know Angela does her awesome sub reviews but we do get mostly different Ipsy bags so here’s mine! 

THE Maracuja oil from tarte is one of the things that’s been so talked about and I haven’t tried so I’m excited for that.  

The Sponge I’m sure I’ll use eventually as well as the The Balm mascara.  

The City Color blush palette is pretty but I’m swimming in blushes  so it’s going on the giveaway pile 

Now: that symphony beauty moisturizer is the oddest thing ever. It’s a gel like texture but it goes on smooth and cool to the touch.   I’m excited. 

Can’t wait to see Angela’s bag!!! 

One comment

  1. First off, I think the bag is so pretty! It’s not too teeny-bopperish like many of theirs have been (I’m my opinion). And I love the color pink and all shades of it 💖 I have always wanted to try the Maracuja oil from tarte, I’ve read great things about that stuff. I can’t wait to find out your opinion on it. I also find it ironic (but not really because I’m sure lots of people do this) that you have a “giveaway pile” too. Even after discontinuing my subscription boxes, I still have lots of stuff in the pile aka basket. After seeing everyone else’s pictures of their various sub box contents, I feel like I want to resubscribe, but I know with my lunch, I’ll start getting junk again 😣


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