Dani (@CoffeebreakwithDani x ITTSÉ) collab is here!!!!! “The Lotus Collection”- sneak peek and swatches! 

Technically DROPPING TOMORROW dec 15th. But it’s here! In my hands!!! And I’m so grateful honored and fangirled to have been picked to preview it (Angela’s getting them too and I’m figuring she’s making her swatch magic happen as we speak!)

First things first: Dani’s YouTube Chanel is always filled with positivity, good vibes; her videos are fun to watch and she’s always doing awesome looks that are wearable and easy to achieve for the non guru. I consider her to be one of those youtubers that is a positive influence, grounded and is always projecting that out to her followers whom she calls “Pandas”. You can see everything about her is inspiring and recently when she announced her divorce, I felt like a friend was going through that, that is when you realize the reach this chic has: me that could care less if someone falls across my driveway… 

enough mushiness, geez I’m losing my edge. 

Anyway. Her collab with IttsÉ DROPS dec 15th; Ittsé is a cosmetics company out of San Francisco and has done collabs with @readysetglamour as well.  They have minimalistic gold palettes with shadows in pan form that according to the swatches I’ve seen, focus on trendy bright colors.  This is my first time trying them so yay!

The packaging: 

The Pressed pigments came each on their individual sleeves

STRONGER is a purple pink with teal glitters.  

WISER is purple with lavender and pink glitters 

BETTER is a green with some teal 

Determined is a BRIGHT GOLD, the formula on this one is very thick and pigmented so you only need a pinch, then spray your brush w some water or fix plus and FOIL AWAY!

Oh! Ittse sent some stickers! I love stickers! Ermagherddddddd! 

Now, I’m not done!!! You also get this awesome magnetic palette that reminds me of Natasha Denonas palette

It comes with a foam insert you remove and it’s equipped w a mirror 

The price is set at $35 or $50 with a palette bundle.

Now gone to put these on my eyes!  


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