Hot damn! Look what the homie, Chloe Taliaferro sent over last week… it’s her new limited edition eyeshadow collection called ‘SWEATER WEATHER‘. In case you’re not familiar Chloe is the founder and CEO of the vegan makeup company, Strobe Cosmetics. She’s also a lover of goats and an all around babe. 

The collection includes six 29mm eyeshadow pans (2.5g each) for $30. We also have a non-affiliate discount code: TANNER which will save you 20% bringing the price down to a ridiculous  $24. That’s $4 a piece… and these are big pans! Now I mentioned the collection is limited edition but fret not, it will be available until February. And if it sells before then, she’ll be restocking as soon as she can. I love her even more for this. There’s been so drama with cosmetics companies and LE products not really being LE. It’s nice to have a concrete time frame so you can be sure that you won’t miss out. As with all Strobe products, SWEATER WEATHER is cruelty free and vegan. Alright let’s get down to business…

The first swatch is EQUINOX. It’s a satiny navy blue with just a hint of shimmer.

The second swatch is STONE COLD, a light silvery gray with a frost finish.

Next up is CHAI TEA, a yummy pink cream metallic (love!).

MULLED WINE is the show off of the bunch. There’s always got to be one in every group of friends. It a deep cranberry metallic that adds a nice touch of warmth to the mostly cool toned collection. 

SWEATER WEATHER is deep taupe that leans purple. I love this one too.

Last but not least we have HOARFROST (Best. Name. Ever.), an icy baby blue.

This is such a well thought collection and the unique blend of colors sets it apart from the sea of warm burgundy and orange toned eyeshadows we’ve been seeing so much of this year. The formula is what you can expect from STROBE; dense, rich, creamy and highly pigmented. My only constructive criticism is that HOARFROST and STONE COLD are fairly similar on the eyes. Not the same mind you, just similar. I’m absolutely in love with MULLED WINE, CHAI TEA and SWEATER WEATHER. And surprisingly, since I generally loathe blue eyeshadow, I’ve really been enjoying EQUINOX as well. All and all Chloe hit it out of the park with this one and I highly recommend that you pick up SWEATER WEATHER before it retires in February. The quality is there and the price is more than reasonable. I can’t wait to see what STROBE will do in 2017. Fingers crossed that it’s mattes!!!

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