Makeup geek eyeshadows are $6 each excepted for the foiled shadows which are $10. They come in 26mm magnetic pans and have 1.8g/ .064oz of product. This is my entire collection minus three that I left so that the pic would be an even square.

ROW 1:

Ice Queen, Vanilla Bean, Sugar Rush*,   Light Year*, Prism*, Cinderella, Baby Face, Rapunzel, Sorbet, Beaches and Cream,  Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee 

ROW 2:

I’m Peachless, Nostalgic, Mai Tai, In the Spotlight, Wildfire*, Cosmopolitan, Roulette, Goddess, Grandstand, Country Girl, Cupcake, Simply Marlena 

ROW 3: 

Magic Act, Casino, Glamorous, Chickadee, Early Bird, Sin City, Desert Sands, Untamed, Legend, Vegas Lights*, Solar Flare*, Flamethrower 

ROW 4:

Mango Tango, Tuscan Sun, Morocco, Poppy, Razzleberry, Anarchy, Blitz*, Curtain Call, Bitten, Burlesque, Showtime, Cherry Cola

ROW 5:

Voltage, Hologram*, Karma, Fortune Teller, Limelight, Jester, Ritzy, Havoc, Typhoon, Dirty Martini, Venom, Take Two 

ROW 6:

Kaleidoscope*, Shore Thing, Fantasy, Mermaid, Pegasus, Shark Bait, Epic, Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, Envy, Houdini, Center Stage 

ROW 7:

Starry Eyed, Halo*, Whimsical, Confection, Blacklight, Wisteria, Hot Pants, Carnival, Fashion Addict, Curfew, Masquerade, Hype

ROW 8:

Phantom, Sand Dollar, Rockstar, Pillow Talk, Galaxy, High Wire, Sorcery, Charmed, Rebel, Prom Night, Petal Pusher, Unexpected 

ROW 9:

Aurora*, Daydreamer, Hopscotch, Fairy Tale, Chit Chat, Pop Culture, Bewitched*, Plot Twist, Caitlin Rose, Duchess, Motown, Boo Berry 

ROW 10:

Lucky Penny, Pocket Change, Bake Sale, Frappe, Tiki Hut, Preppy, Pretentious, Tan Lines, Sidekick, Cocoa Bear, Cabin Fever, Wild West

ROW 11:

Friend Zone, Hipster, Bandwagon, Barcelona Beach, Faux Fur, Taupe Notch, Twilight, Moondust, Brownie Points, Mesmerized, Sensuous, Concrete Jungle

ROW 12:

Utopia*, Satellite*, Latte, Mocha, Vintage, Brown Sugar, Steampunk, Bada Bing, Americano, Toxic, Taboo , Drama Queen

The ones marked with* are pigments or sparklers that I pressed. I think Makeup Geek has about 20 other eyeshadows that aren’t pictured.


  1. this looks like a dream!!
    quick uestion, I just got a sparkler pack and am dying from the amount that flies around everytime i move them. Is pressing them easy and does it give a good result? I have pressed loose pigments before, but never glitters


    • It worked it great for me. They’re pretty similar to pigments because of how finely milled they are and it’s nice because you don’t need a glitter glue when they’re pressed.


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