DEVINAH COSMETICS (SAVE 20% WITH THE AFFILIATE CODE: BEAUTYCULT) has over 200 different eyeshadows and highlighters. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on swatching them for instagram. And eventually I’m going to do an all-inclusive blog post with my whole collection of swatches. But I couldn’t wait to post these four highlighters because they’re so shifty that they need to appreciated from every possible angle.

DEVINAH’S highlighters are sold in pan form and are available in 3 different sizes: 36mm- $12, 44mm- $16, 57mm- $20. If you use our discount code: BEAUTYCULT they come down to $9.60, $12.80 and $16.

She’s got a ton of different duochrome highlighters but these four are exceptional. They all have white bases so they don’t look like much in the pans but on the skin, they’re magic!

These are swatched lighter than normal for me because of the white base. If you apply them too heavily they can look a little chalky. One light layer is really all that you need.

Alright so let’s get into the colors!

IRIDESSA has a white base with turquoise shimmer. It shifts to baby blue, pink and lavender. And it’s a nearly perfectly dupe for MUG MOON PHASE. 

COSMA shifts mainly between gold and green but if you look through the swatches, you can see a hint of red depending on the lighting and angle.

MARINA has a strong pink shift and a more subtle green shift. It also looks slightly blue in some of the pics.

NIXIE has a silvery base with strong green and more subtle pink reflects. It also has a bit of a blue shift as well. 

This is the prettiest group of highlighters that I’ve swatched in a while. And all four would look amazing on the eyes as well!


  1. Wow, how come I am just finding your awesome site? I was looking at “Chaos Makeup” on IG last night, they make some beautiful highlighters, even some that change colors. Have you seen their swatches online or tried them? 💜💕✨


  2. I think I really need these…the mug one are slightly over budget for me b and I never tried any Devinah products so this might be my chance


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