Charlotte Tilbury “Magic Cream” 

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My second product received from @octoly is the #CTilburyMakeup Magic Cream – now i have received samples of this one before and I have always loved it, you can get it on @beautylish or directly from the @ctilburymakeup site. i don’t recommended for oily skin types because it can be very thick and pack a punch of moisture, it does play nice with foundation and after not wearing any makeup for almost 3 weeks thanks to a fiasco with a mask – I was ready to lay the layer of cake and slay 10 times into tomorrow! Bring on my alter ego: MOSHAAAAAA ok. I seriously need help with picking an alter ego name. Anyway, I paired it with another baby I do have of hers which is the wonderglow and used my trusty cc cream – during the winter I get really rough textured patches and I’ve been tweaking my skincare regimen little by little to achieve some skin nirvana, but while we do, imma fake this with some good thick moisturizer and some good cover up! Mama gots places to go. It didn’t separate my foundation and It felt really pleasant to wear it, i love using products created by makeup artists because they have the ultimate goal of a beat face in mind. The packaging is super luxurious and everything from the scent to the rose gold accents gives me Audrey Hepburn vibes – …I feel I need a perfect bun on my hair and a shift dress..- I didn’t do the recommended face workout routine Charlotte recommends with this cause I just don’t have the time but if you actually have done it and do it on your skincare regime tell me if it does anything other than look silly in the mirror. Price wise is quite up there, but you barely need a pea siZe amount so it’ll last you a while and it is very thick and it’s effect lasts a long time. I reapplied it after I took off my makeup about 2 hours ago and my face still feels pleasantly nourished. Right now I’m testing other things so I’m limiting the use of this for when I go out.. so have you tried this!? What other CT products have you tried and liked? 


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