Just in time for the holidays TOO FACED released two limited edition mini chocolate bar palettes ($26). The first is an all matte version of the original chocolate bar palette and is sold exclusively on their website. The second, which I’ll be reviewing for you today, is being sold exclusively at SEPHORA. They’re both currently sold out but will be restocked at some point in the future.

Alright so let’s talk about this baby! Looks pretty gorgeous right? That’s what I thought too. The thing is…

It’s small…

Like really small…

Like really REALLY small!

So small that a blending brush is larger than the pans. 

But wait! It gets worse… the formula is very powdery and the pans are so close together that the kick up ends covering all the neighboring pans.

Let’s do a quick price analysis before we get to the nitty gritty…

The original chocolate  bar palette is $49 and contains 18.9g of product making the cost per gram  $2.59

The pb&j palette is $36 and contains 11.4g of product making the cost per gram $3.16

The white chocolate chip palette is $26 and contains a meager 6.5g of product. Cost per gram? $4

At nearly double the cost per than the original, it’s definitely not a good value in comparison to other TOO FACED palettes. The packaging is plastic not tin like the 9 pan palettes. It’s quite sturdy, snaps closed and has a large mirror. No complaints in the packaging department. And it has the same delicious scent as it’s predecessors. 

Alright guys, all aboard the hot mess express as we look at these swatches!

First let me start off by saying that I had to layer the shit out of some of these swatches or else it would just look like I was posting pics of bare forearm. I’ll tell you how many layers each shade took to reach opacity.

GLAZE is matte cream color and it’s AWFUL. Like shockingly bad. The texture is dry and dusty and the color payoff is dismal. I packed on that swatch about 5 times to get that level of pigmentation. And during the 10 minutes it took to take the pictures, it had already faded significantly. 

AMBROSIA is a light pink with a satin finish. It has better pigmentation than GLAZE but it’s still pretty bad. I had to layer this swatch 3 times to reach this level of intensity. It also fades really quickly on the skin.

EXOTICA is shimmery champagne with taupe undertones. For the most part the shimmers performed much better than the mattes and satins in this palette. EXOTICA has a nice creamy texture and it applied and wore well on the eyes.

PEARL CANDY is a silvery white with multi-colored glitter. It definitely has some fall out but the pigmentation is pretty good.

RASPBERRY ROSE is a pale pink and gold duochrome. The formula, to me, feels the same as EXOTICA. It has a creamy texture and good color pay off.

INDULGE is a light glittery taupe. The formula is similar to as PEARL CANDY. The pigmentation is good but there’s a lot of glitter fall out. In the pans INDULGE looks much darker but applied it looks almost the same as PEARL CANDY.

GUILT-FREE is a matte taupe gray. It’s the best matte in the palette but that’s not really much of an accomplishment. The pigmentation is decent but the formula is on the thin side. It’s not as dusty as GLAZE but it’s not great by any means. I layered this swatch twice.

CAKE BATTER is a light, matte peachy brown. It looks beautiful in the pan but the color pay off is dismal and the formula is powdery af. I tried using this color on my eyes and I had to reapply at least three times for it to show up on my skin.

COOKIE DOUGH is a matte medium brown with gold glitter. I’m not sure why they bothered adding glitter because it doesn’t adhere to the skin. At all! I was able to get pretty good color pay off by packing the color in small areas on the eye but it sheered out significantly when I did even the most gentle blend.

SUGARED RAISIN is a glittery lavender taupe. Just like with PEARL CANDY and INDULGE, the base color applies well but you’ll need a glitter adhesive if you want the glitter on your eyes instead of your cheeks.

BLACK SUGAR is a satiny black with mostly silver glitter. The pigmentation is surprisingly good. As with all the others, the glitter blends away completely but I found it to have better color pay off than most of the other colors.
So let’s recap…

There’s 3 mattes: GUILT-FREE  (okay), CAKE BATTER (awful) and GLAZE  (horrendous).

2 mattes with glitter: COOKIE DOUGH  (bad) and BLACK SUGAR  (pretty good).

1 satin: AMBROSIA (not good)

3 metallic shades with glitter: PEARL CANDY, INDULGE, SUGARED RAISIN all of which I found to be pretty good but nothing spectacular 

2 shimmers: EXOTICA and RASPBERRY ROSE which are the best shades in the palette, IMO

Out of the 11 shadows there’s only 3 that I consider to be good. The rest range from okay to terrible. I’m disappointed in the palette and in TOO FACED in general. The original and bonbon chocolate bar and Vegas Nay palettes are some of my favorites. I also enjoyed the sweet peach, natural eyes and pb&j palettes. I thought maybe the Nikkie Tutorials palette was just a fluke but after this monstrosity I will think twice before buying another TF palette. White chocolate chip is going back to sephora tomorrow!


  1. The moment i saw the first close up of the palette i was sure that these eyeshadows are not what i have in my chocolate bar palette. I seriously feel the madness of getting out new palettes is making too faced lose its quality.


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