STROBE COSMETICS is having a huge cyber Monday sale! First they’re releasing a new limited edition eyeshadow collection called ‘SWEATER WEATHER’ ($30) which will be available until February. Swatches coming soon!
Tomorrow all the single shadows will be discounted and they’re offering several different bundles, including both of their palettes  (FREAK SHOW and HOTEL) for $40 (reg $50). These palettes always sell out quickly so set an alarm if you want them!


THE COUNTESS is a shimmery white with a pink duochrome shift 

ROYALE is a metallic rose gold 

CHECKING IN? is a metallic grass green

ROOM 64 is a warm bronze

ADDICTION DEMON is a deep rusty red.

I love this palette. ADDICTION DEMON is incredible and ROYALE and CHECKING IN? are also favs.


CONJOINED is a light taupey bronze 

BEARDED LADY is a deep plummy brown with a satin finish  

MONSTERS AMONG US is a dark teal duochrome with a purple and brown shift  

STRONGMAN is also taupe but it pulls mauve instead of bronze.

TWISTY is a deep metallic purple 

This palette is gorgeous too. I use STRONGMAN and TWISTY all the time. This would be a great gift for a AHS fan.

Also worth noting, these are large 2.5g pans not the standard 1.5g. If you select ‘STROBE COSMETICS’ in the ‘brands we’ve discussed’ drop box you can find my swatches of all of their 36 shadows and 6 glitters. 

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