ACRYLIC BEAUTY BOX recently sent Em and myself some of her organizers to share with you guys. I loved the one she sent so much that I ended up buying two more! She also gave us a non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT25 will save you 25%!

I choose the UNIVERSE ROTATING COMPACT HOLDER ($96.99) because my compacts were taking up an entire drawer in my vanity. After organizing my compacts, I decided that I needed another one for pigments. The UNIVERSAL ROTATING COMPACT HOLDER has 44 slots plus 2 large pockets on the sides. The slots are pretty wide so I was able to double up with some of the slimmer compacts, like the MUG HIGHLIGHTERS.

I’ve got 68 compacts in my compact tower.

In my second tower, I was able to fit 2-4 pigments per shelf.

In total I have 117 (!) pigments in the second tower.
I also got their TESS organizer ($36.99) which has 10 slots.

I’m using this one for all of my daily makeup. So my brow products, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, lip pencils, a few lippies etc. Before all of these products lived in cups and it would take me forever to find what I was looking for.

She also send over these adorable heart shaped hand palettes ($12.99)

She gave us a non-affiliate discount code: BEAUTYCULT25 which will save you 25%. This will bring the price of the compact holders down to around $73. However these guys are pretty expensive to ship because of their size and weight. Luckily they offer free shipping on orders over $100. If you’re interested in getting one, I’d recommend that you also get the Tess organizer which is $37 (or any other of similar price). The two organizers together are $134 and when you subtract the 25%, they equal out to be just over $100. Bam! Free shipping!

They are a bit of an investment, acrylic is a very expensive material but with the discount code and the free shipping, they end up being very reasonable. I’m so glad that I got the ones I did. It’s made finding what I’m looking for so much easier!

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