Makeup Geek has released a new eyeshadow bundle just for the holidays! It will be priced at $45 through cyber Monday, after which the price will go up to $49. The bundle includes 6 mattes shadows ($6 each) and 3 foiled shadows ($10 each) making it a $66 value.

It includes lots of essential neutrals as well as a few pops of color.

CREME BRULEE is soft, warm brown.

FLAME THROWER is bright reddish copper with gold glitter 

COCOA BEAR is a medium reddish brown with warm orange undertones 

WILD WEST is medium rosey brown.

SHOWTIME is a deep brown with strong burgundy undertones 

CHERRY COLA is a deep matte brown with strong burgundy undertones. It’s like a matte version of SHOWTIME 

AMERICANO is deep warm brown

EPIC is a vibrant emerald green 

ENCHANTED FOREST is blackened forest green.
This is a great set to pick up if you don’t already own these colors. These are some of my most used Makeup Geek shadows, especially CREME BRULEE, COCOA BEAR, SHOWTIME, WILD WEST, CHERRY COLA and AMERICANO. So basically all of them…  I also like there isn’t any overlap in colors from the AUTUMN GLOW bundle. This set should be available for the next few weeks but the price will increase slightly after cyber Monday.

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