Surprise! This week INGLOT released a new collection called THE STAR IN YOU which includes 6 new pigments and 5 new body sparkles (and I think some nail polishes)! I bought all 6 pigments and 2 of the body sparkles. Today we’re looking at the pigments. I didn’t get started on these swatches until 330 when it was nearly dark. I’ll most likely end up re-doing them but I wanted to put these up awhile in case they have a black Friday sale. Last year everything was 30% off.


INGLOT pigments are 2g and $16- $19. The newer shades are $19. 

124 (first swatch) is a super sparkly taupey bronze 

122 (2nd swatch) is equal parts gold, green and bronze. It’s similar to 84 but lighter and more gold.

125 (third swatch) is a bright magenta pink. It’s similar to 86 but brighter and more pink. 86 looks more red in comparison 

123 (fourth swatch) has particles that are equal parts gold and a rosey tan. It’s a rose gold that shifts to a champagne gold.

126 (fifth swatch) is a light coppery orange with gold shimmer 

121 (last swatch) is a white gold with green reflects.
I haven’t had time to use all of them yet but based on the swatches, my initial favorites are 121, 123 and 125. I’ll do better swatches next week!

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