ColourPop “Puppy LOVE” is coming back with a friend: “Catnap” swatches and comparisons 

Whohoooooo the collab with NKLA “puppy love” dropped initially last year around holiday and it stole our hearts since all it’s proceeds go to no kill shelters and let’s be honest: if you don’t support puppies and kitties, your heart is in a dark dark place. Back then there was a total collection of up to 90k so let’s see if we can surpass it this year!

This year it’s bringing a friend CATNAP. Dropping on thanksgiving and why am I carrying on if you clearly want to see the goods: 

Now the comparisons: 


  1. I just received an order from ColourPop yesterday and it contained Puppy Love and Cat Nap. Unfortunately, the Cat Nap was in pretty bad shape when it arrived – separated from the sides of the pan and a few broken pieces, and it looked like there was barely any product in the jar – the layer that was there was VERY thin – I haven’t been using their products long enough to know what’s a “normal” amount or depth of product from the bottom to the top…. and I also don’t know it is salvageable or not but I tried to press it back together and it “appeared” kinda ok, but I tried to use it, basically to test it out, and all that I really got was a whole bunch of dry, patchy glitter 😦 Anyone else have a problem like this with any super shock shadows? I don’t know if it was just a bad batch of Cat Nap or maybe because the box was outside on my porch for about an hour from the time of delivery until I brought it inside. Otherwise, it looks so pretty in everyone’s swatches and I hope to get mine replaced soon.


  2. I’m sorry I have a question, is ‘Bday Boy’ in colour pop? It’s sooooo pretty and has different colors of glitter from the gold base that just makes me go nuts! Help a sister out I adore colourpop!


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